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YHGTBSM moment.

Yeah I just had one. I turn on my browser, drop into Yahoo and WHAM!! First thing I see for the headlines is this. Go read, I'll wait...

Back? Good. Now lets dissect this massive ball of fail in as few words as possible. WTF is up with that organization? A group of H.S. refs decide out of the kindness of their hearts to donate to a charity, not only that but they show that support by using pink whistles...Am I just too outside the loop to see the problem here or do the powers that be really believe this to be a major problem? Cmon people violating rules is one thing but when it has absolutely NO impact on how they do their jobs then what's the problem? I'll tell ya what, if 3 out of 4 refs were using pink whistles and the fourth was using a black whistle then guess which one is the odd man out...HINT: Not any of em using pink whistles. ROT IN HELL YOU MISERABLE NAZIS. I played sports in H.S. and trust me the last thing I was worried about was what color the refs whistles were.

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