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Working title, 1911 Mk1 v1.02

Started a little project on my RIA 1911 a couple weeks ago that I hope will work out. Considering my general time delay style of doing anything that requires more than a few seconds attention, prolly not(squirrel). So keep checking back to see me screw up turn a basic 1911 into my own version of Frankenstein's Monster, or rather my idea of Project Housegun depending on how you want to look at it.


Duke said...

I like the 1911, just did a little blog myself about it. Looking forward to further info about your build.

JRebel said...

Thanks Duke, always happy to add a new reader to the roll-call.

Dean Carder said...

I did a little work on My RIA officers model. Stripped the finish and Dura Coated it. Had a real smith dovetail the slide and install XS 24/7 Big Dot Express sights. I polished the feed ramp, install a SS take down lever. Polished the trigger track, installed a light weight long trigger and generaly slicked everthing else up. I just applied Slip Stream to the action. WOW!