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Dude, WTF?

   So I've been reading about the shit-storm that the purveyor of "smoke and thunder" is causing in the gunnie blogiverse. I only have one thing to say to them...DUDE!!! Really? You've made it your mission in life to insult and berate a group of people. (Using myself as the lowest common denominator.) That has an average IQ that falls squarely in "Above Average" territory, with what I am absolutely certain has a few people that qualify for Mensa memberships among us. You've gotta be crazy to pick a fight with people that are not only armed in the literal sense but also armed and dangerous in the mental sense. Supremely capable of doing a Vulcan mindf**k on you and making you like it. Not to mention the lambasting you get everytime you open your virtual piehole. (As Lawdog would prolly say.) "You daft git." My advise for "smoke and thunder" is simply this, take it or leave it, cut your losses before you do something even more stupid. Seriously, we hate getting into battles of wit with the unarmed.


Brigid said...

Qualified for Mensa but didn't join. The shooters I know are engineers, scientists, doctors, business owners and craftsman and women, some of the smartest people I've ever worked with, let alone shot with.

WTF is right.

JRebel said...

On every test I've taken I score in the lower two points of above average, depending on the scale set up for that test. As I always tell people that try to irritate me. Smarter than some and not as dumb as I made you think.