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Reloading for Dummies.

If anyone has a spare copy I'll prolly need it.

   I went ahead and ordered myself a handloading set up for .45 yesterday. Have some experience with the process as my brother-in-law has his dad's old gear and we've been recycling our .30-06 brass. I have now loaded almost 40 rounds for that, which puts me about 25 rounds ahead of my BIL for experience. Pretty simple once you do it a few times, just a bit of a time sink.

   Anyway despite having ordered some of the basics; Lee Classic reloading kit, case prep tools. I still need to get some case lube and the components before I start actual loading. Although I will be buying my powder and primers at one of the local gunshops rather than order them. There's no way I'm paying 27.50 in hazmat fees on top of shipping for a $20ish jar of powder, or a $25 pack of L.P.P.'s. The point is to make it cheaper so I can shoot more, not make a money sink out of it. Still need to do some wood carving to make myself a good hammer for the process though. Guess that old lathe is gonna get some use after all. If I blow off any bits and/or pieces of myself I'll make sure someone takes pictures for ya'll to laugh at.

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