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So, they went ahead and did it.

  The "Prosecutor" (and I'm being generous by using that term for someone who follows public pressure rather than the law,) has charged George Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder. Lets take a look at that shall we? 2nd degree murder in FL requires there to be willful action, which is not present in this case from what I can tell. You can hear all that on the 911 call, Zimmerman neither ran after Martin or sought to lay in wait for him after he ran away. Martin however did come back and decided to commit assault by attacking Zimmerman and then got what he asked for, case closed. However when you are just charging someone to placate the bloodthirsty masses the reason doesn't matter as long as you look good doing it. Zimmerman goes and places his trust in the "Justice" system by turning himself in, that trust is misplaced. The so called justice system has already caved to the racist masses and charged him. What the media won't show is that he's already been convicted thanks to them and they can just sit back and report on the show trial they helped create. Which unfortunately means Mr. Zimmerman is screwed six ways from Sunday.

   Make no mistake this is the first shot in a war they wanted, whether anyone realizes it or not. I personally hope all the violent, racist pricks in the country are happy now. Mr. Zimmerman's future is destroyed simply because some little thug acted like a thug and got treated like a thug. But. Since his family couldn't be bothered to accept the FACT that Trayvon was a worthless thug we now have this convoluted mess and travesty of justice. They won't dare anger the masses now that they are placated by finding Mr. Zimmerman innocent of the charges. Using the simple expedient of not allowing anyone on the jury that thinks he's innocent. Think it can't happen? They just proved that it can. This trial was rigged as soon as the media started crying and wetting themselves about it. As well as when the racist pricks Jesse Jackson and all the rest started pontificating about it. You worthless weasels called this dance now you get to pay the band. This farce will not be forgotten.

   P.S. If everyone thinks you pricks are violent and bloodthirsty they haven't seen anything yet. Difference between us is; I can control myself until it's time to unleash the beast within, your horns were always showing. Marching and protesting won't stop what's coming. Sic, semper mortem malefactores.


Wilson said...

From what I’ve read I personally think he will be acquitted of the state charges. If he is the feds might step in to make sure this “white racist” is convicted of something. Can’t have the black racist rioting in the streets.

JRebel said...

Yet they still blame the SPD for not arresting him to start with, simply saying that they are racist too. Yeah a bunch of White cops refuse to arrest a Hispanic man because they are racist. If it wasn't so pathetic I'd laugh.

Anonymous said...

Poor little Trayvon did what too many Trayvon do too often..he jumped whitey with no warning. And there is still that incident hanging in Phoenix that NO ONE knows about. Google Daniel Adkins..shooting victim...Phoenix