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New Project. Part...ehh yeah.

Decided to start another project this morning and so far it's coming along nicely. This time it isn't a gun but rather for one. I got the urge to build, what I guess you could call, a presentation or display box for a Govt. model 1911 and 3 mags. So far I've done the cutout for the pistol and made my starter holes for the mag slots. Now all I need is to stop by one of the hardware stores and pick up a 1"x10" and a 1"x2" sometime so I can make the stuff that goes around that inner portion. Might have to see if I can get some new router bits too since the 1/2" grove bit seemed to not like cutting treated pine for some reason, what should have been shavings was coming off as wood powder. Bad thing is that's the radius that I wanted at the corners so I had to settle for the band saw with a narrow scroll work band. Pics to follow when I get around to it.

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