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Run that one by me again...

Ok, so not being entirely out of the loop the last few days lets get this straight. The Norks in general and Kim Jong jr. in particular are getting pissy pants angry because the US Air Force flew two B-2 Spirits from Whiteman AFB MO to South Korea (non-stop if I had to guess) in order to participate in combined arms exercises that we've been doing since the last time we shot 'em full of holes. To this they respond by putting their rockets on alert to strike US cities and bases in the Pacific. Tell me do, what exactly was the range of the last rocket they test launched? Did we measure that one's range in inches or feet? I forget. 
 Oh, BTW Kimmy Jr. NASA still has a freaking SUV rolling around Mars taking pictures, and Titan is frozen as a popsicle, we know, they landed a probe on it for shits 'n' giggles. The best you can hope for out of that cold war commie crap you are still trying to build is a couple hundred miles. We measure our missile ranges in the terms of which WORLD we want the payload to land on. Also, technically we're still at war with you, you little guttersnipe. It was a ceasefire agreement that was signed, not a peace treaty. So legally we can still shoot you bastards upon sighting you outside your little fenced-in area. Now go back to kissing China's ass for more rice before you get schooled on what our average high school chemistry clubs can cook up in a weekend in their moms' basements.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clear American response to the dimwit who daily proves why Communism is such a monumental failure. He cannot feed his people, is utterly dependant on outside sources like China and (shame) the US to stay in power. The entire history of post 1955 North Korea is one of threats until we feed them, again. Followed by more threats. I agree, set one boot outside your playpen boys, and see what men do. It will be educational, and you will be extinct.
Former trooper, always patriot.

A SImple Man said...

"We measure our missile ranges in the terms of which WORLD we want the payload to land on"