You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


A Thought for the gun-control pansies.

Can also be titled: Bill Maher Is A Moron.

Rated PG.45, because JMB said so.

This post is geared toward those that seem to think of us right-wing, bitter clingers as some sort of stupid, cousin-humping, rednecks. Firstly, my IQ is 130 as an average. Which puts it about 129 points above yours Bill. Second, you haven't met me or any of my cousins. Thirdly, in the words of your generation, Up yours.

Anyone that doesn't think like a syphilitic donkey on crack, can safely pass by without regrets. Unless you really wanna read this, then by all means stay and read. However this is going to be abusive, in the same way a triphammer is abusive. NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED. Unless you're a pinko, commie, douchenozzle, then I don't care. Ya hear? I don't care if you get offended you fuzzy-bunny, beta males. You wanted me angry? *POOF* WISH GRANTED!

Now. You feebleminded, commie, prickless, pissants, can go fuck yourselves with a cluster of pine cones. You seriously think if you outlaw our guns that we're just going to meekly surrender them? Thinking like that is the reason you had to cheat off the nerds like me sitting beside you in history class, fucknut.

Those out there even somewhat like me know better. Gun control, bwahahahahaha. You might get a whole bunch of "prepper" pansies to give em up, however you won't get the dyed in the wool survivalists. You may get the "I hunt"ers but you won't get the Hunters. You can probably get the one's who bought a gun "just in case" you won't get the one's that belong to the "because, fuck you with a barbwire cock, that's why" crowd.

You see, it has all been tried before. Long ago those pansies across the pond tried the same thing, and only about 3% of the population turned out to stop them. Just 3%, think about that for a second. The toughest sonsabitches on the planet at the time got their collective asses (get it?) handed to them by just 3% of their own colonists in a not very heavily populated set of colonies.

Now I want you to pick yourself off the ground and get the bubblegum off your face and think about this. Just 3% of the current US population is just under 10 million people, 9.9 million or thereabouts to be more exact. Stop and think about that. Added to that, nearly 80% of the US Military, police, plus the various and sundry other first responder types are with us, not you. And remember. Just 2, count em, one-1, two-2...little terrorist fucksticks caused an entire metro area to SHUT DOWN, full stop, nada. And these guys had already done what they set out to do. When the cops caught up to them they weren't looking for a fight, they were looking to GET AWAY. Just the two of em running loose caused orders to be given that made a bunch of people like you think that being locked in their homes was a sane and rational thing. Just 150 years ago those two little candidates for retroactive abortion would've been rounded up by the citizenry and hung from the nearest tall object. Probably in short order, as in minutes to hours. Not a couple days. Wouldn't have been any trips to the hospital just the makeshift gallows.

Now think about this, what if it were 20 or 200 or 2,000,000 Real Americans like me? All thinking the immortal words of Captain Malcolm Reynolds: "I aim to misbehave." People who are actually looking for a fight after people like you have caused the shit to hit the fan. What then? Cower in your homes because the dumbfuck mayor or dipshit governor or moron-in-chief said it was a good idea? What happens when we engage the best you can bring to bear and beat em to death with their own jackboots? What will you do? Resist? Yeah, How? Pick up a gun? That'd be smart considering you all love you some gun control and would be hard pressed to remember which end of it is the dangerous one. Even if you could figure out how to operate it without killing yourself. Then what? Fight people who have spent a great deal of time either learning or teaching, or both, how to deal with that very threat when it rears its ugly head? Keep dreaming fuck-knuckle. You'd be better off suck starting that rifle you picked up, the end result would be the same.

You see, Real American Patriots have remained the same since 1775. WE WILL fight and just let the chips fall, all we need is a worthy cause. If our freedom isn't that cause, well, nothing is. So go ahead and fight us if you like. We've been waiting to turn this country back onto the track of being the biggest, baddest dog in the yard and ya'll are standing in the way of that. Not to mention we're tired of shit stains like you, ramming us up under the bootheels of foreign powers that WE DON'T FUCKING ANSWER TO, at any time, EVER! Why? Because, fuck you with a barbwire cock, that's why! You fucking worthless piles of disease ridden, rat shit. MOLON LABE.

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