You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Well, I do like to customize.

I just hate shelling out bundles of cash. So I tapped into my inner "el cheapo" and rather than try to fund an AR purchase, I shelled out about a quarter of the amount on an Archangel Sparta stock system for the Mini. A .50 inch riser rail to go with the red dot I already had, a set of same plane flip-up iron sights and a Magpul MOE rail to mount on the foregrip in order to attach the vertical grip I already had. Add a single point sling and adapter and away I go. It really resembles the ACR minus the over-barrel gas system. All in all it's not that much different than how I would have set up an AR carbine, just a bit heavier. Then again, I'm a big guy. Now if I could just find more mags for it I'll be happy. Budgets folks, it's all about budgets...or lack thereof.

In the interest of disclaimin'. Ya'll gestapo wannabes can slide down a razor blade into a vat of alcohol. I paid my own money for that stuff so go suck rattlesnake eggs, preferably while they're hatching.


Wilson said...

Have you shot it yet?

JRebel said...

Yep, though just enough to get the irons into minute of berm. When I'm able to lay in a bigger stock of ammo without digging too deep into my reserves I'll do a good zero on everything, at least getting it down to the 3 MOA the rifle will do. Me, not so much with the eyesight in my right eye being what it is.

The stock doesn't really change much but does make the rifle easier to maneuver. Or so my dry practice has shown.