You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Because ya'll deserve something after this long.

This is my AR that I've slowly been modding for the last 5 months. 16" carbine, not an m4 profile but not exactly a pencil barrel either in fact I think its a shade thicker than the last few inches of my Mini 14's barrel after its taper.

Del-ton lower, barrel and internals. Anderson Manufacturing A3 Upper. Pearce 1911 adapter grip. MFT Tactical short foregrip and a cheap UTG free-float forearm. And just because I could, a double engraved dust cover with Old Glory and Calico Jack Rackham's jolly roger both in and out. With one of my cheap red dots mounted for money's sake. So far so good, it seems to be reliable but I've only managed a mixed bag of 300 rds both brass and steel and no failures as yet even with the cheap aluminum mag that came with it, I just prefer P-Mags. The cheap sights zeroed quick and so did the red dot, both mechanical and 3-shot grouping, in fact the mechanical zero on the irons was only shooting 9 clicks high on a standard M4, 25m target. So I don't have any complaints as yet for them, we'll see how they hold up.

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