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For those that asked.

Some of my friends over at the #GBC chat asked me about the grips on my 1911 after I mentioned that I had engraved them for a bit of personal flair. Well here you go guys.

I apologize for the flash but the lighting is too yellow without it.

Anyway, they aren't that well done, as you can plainly see I'm a rank amateur. This is the first time I've tried to engrave wood, (my usual work in wood when doing things like this is woodburning), oh well. Enjoy.


Scott McCray said...

Last I checked, all of the grand masters started as rank amateurs at some point. I like 'em. Working on the curved surface can't be easy. What's next?
I need to get back in the shop on some guitar work, but not likely - gunbloggers and the NRA are in town - WOOOHOOO!

Brigid said...

It doesn't look like a beginning effort. Certainly better than I could ever do.

JRebel said...

Well, like I said I've done similar work before just with steel. Woodburning is also similar, good practice to keep a steady hand. Also, working on a curve that also tapers down isn't easy, yet. As for what's next, I really dunno, maybe get some walnut (since I have a lot of that on hand) and practice making my own grips. Thank you both for the compliments.

Kansas Scout said...

I have stopped by and looked at your efforts at least three times and overall, I think you did a good job. I like it. Wear/carry with pride.

JRebel said...

Thanks Kansas, it's always nice to hear when someone else likes my work.