You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


You gotta be F$#^ing kidding me.

Was doing my blog-rounds and the first story I hit is this one from Gay_Cynic. Original story here.

About that I say this:

You sycophantic-socialist-dead-weight. You steaming, oozing puddles of donkey-sweat-and-manure-flavored-koolaid. You wannabe-soviet-rimjobers. Listen up, I have news for you! SCREW YOU, I'LL SPREAD THE TRUTH ABOUT WHICHEVER ONES OF YOU I WANT!

If you can't handle people using their right of free speech and spreading the truth about your lies, then please do us all a favor. Jump off the nearest tall building and save We The People the trouble of throwing you off it in the future. You degenerate-parasites of the body politic.

Remember, remember, IT ENDS IN NOVEMBER!!

Sincerely, ME.

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Scott McCray said...

As I said over at Free Thinker:


Thank you.