You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Cattle and Turtles and Horses and Tyranny. Oh My.

After the events of the past couple weeks I felt I would weigh in with a bit of natural science. This being learned by living on a farm, something the PETA panderers apparently never did.

My first point is this:

Their main argument seems to center around two species, one of them invasive to the region. The desert tortoise, and wild horses. Guess which one is the invasive species... Some have argued that horses are here naturally, they are not. The horses of today share a common ancestry from Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the Mediterranean region. The horses of Ancient America migrated to these other lands over the Bering Land Bridge or died off. Only to be reintroduced to the Americas by the Spanish. Which is why we still refer to the wild horses of the west as Spanish Mustangs, whether they have much in common with the old Spanish herds or not.

Now for my second point:

 My family has raised both cattle and horses on the same land. Now I'd like to point out this is in southern Missouri not the arid climes of the Southwest. As always I could be wrong depending on the location, but here it is anyway. I'd like to say, coming from my actual experience. Cattle are incapable of overgrazing land ahead of horses. Horses by nature of their articulating lips can draw graze into their teeth and are far more dangerous to future growth than cattle. We've grazed horses on ground that was eaten down by cattle to the point that they (the cattle) could no longer forage enough to continue on it and had to be moved to another pasture. Just ahead of us turning the horses into the former pasture to graze what the cattle couldn't for several weeks to a few months depending on time of year and rainfall. YMMV.

As for the tortoise, by the nature of natural selection of turtles and tortoise, they tend to outlive humans, cattle, horses and government agents (who I have doubts about being human), some have even outlived entire governments. While not the same species there is something to be said for living your life slowly. You don't have to fight your competitors if you can outlast them, and their great-great-great-grandchildren.


Where there's Smoke...

There's barks and growling and general puppy mayhem.

This is Smoke, my new buddy. He's almost 3 months old. That massive bear paw and snout in the left of the picture is his brother. For reference, the board in front of them is about 5 inches wide. Smoke is the second smallest of the litter. I'm thinking we'll be going broke buying dog food sometime in the near future.


My argument against Gun Control.

I know myself and just about everyone else in the gun blogging community have hit on all these points before in one way or another. However, they can bear repeating.

To the Gun Control Lovers:  
You teach others how to protest.
We teach people how to break up riots.

You take personal offense at being handed evidence that doesn't support your view.
We take evidence that doesn't support our view and drive aircraft carriers thru the holes in it.

You find a liar and parade them as a "bearer of truth".
We find "bearers of truth" and prove them to be liars.

You find useful idiots to prop up as heroes.
We have heroes that don't want the title.

You get a PhD in "Arts" and think you are a rocket scientist.
We teach PhD's in Rocket Science how to survive in the aftermath of an apocalypse .

And finally.

You tell people that they should surrender their dignity and be a victim.
We teach people how to make others surrender and not become a victim.


Four Years Already?

Doesn't seem that long. Tempus fugit.


Ahh, I do have a blog still.

While the title infers that I forgot, the actual events are that I was merely ignoring it. Anywho... whattowrite, whattowrite, whattowrite?

Well, some may be wondering (and if they are I appreciate it) but the bronchitis cleared up fairly well thank you. Two days in the hospital getting good sized doses of 5% IV antibiotics that make penicillin look like aspirin will have that effect. Although the docs gently mentioned I might aughta give up smoking. No shit Sherlock, I don't smoke for me. I do it cause the world would be slightly less populated if I didn't. I'm thinking the authors of the Bible left out a recommendation along the lines of: Thou shalt not suffer stupid people to live. So its either me smoking small tubes of tobacco, or me huffing the fumes from the smoldering corpses of the stupid and/or irritating, your choice.

 What else? Oh, my nephews dog gifted us with puppies a couple weekends ago. Two male, Two female at first glance, not a bad job for a first time mama. I've already got my sights set on one of the males. Still not completely certain which of the local mutts is the papa but we figure on our other four legged scamp. Who is currently tripoded due to his over exuberance in leaping off slatted outdoor furniture before checking that all his bits are in the clear. We figure its a pulled muscle rather than a break since he doesn't seem to notice any discomfort when we touch aforementioned appendage. Besides that he wouldn't be tear-assing around the yard with that leg bouncing to and fro without yelping every step, not to mention the lack of swelling. Well since I live a rather boring existence, I think that's about all for now. More later, maybe, I think, eh *shrugs*.


Well...Screw you too.

You'll have to forgive me, I've caught a bit of a cold so I have about as much patience as I do energy. So, I'll try to cover as much as I can quickly so you'll be less bored.

  HB 436 Missouri's Second Amendment Preservation Act: Shot down because a few RINO's in the senate decided they like the taste from licking Obitchs ass thought a bill supporting a fundamental right protected by the Constitution was un-Constitutional, stupid fuckwads. They weren't mine so I take no personal responsibility for them. Well, beyond being ashamed we're from the same state anyway, and that they were given high school diplomas without the ability to read English.


  On other fronts, Gun Free Zones...or rather a triple-decker gun free zone had a mass shooting. GFZ, inside a GFZ, locked up inside the borders of a gun control loving state. Well hell, wonder how that happened genius? I'll tell you how it happened, a long time ago in a pink, fuzzy, happy, bunny land, powered by unicorn farts. All your mommy's and daddy's looked at each other and decided it was okay for them to have children, in spite of the fact they were all siblings. Then, their children, being of the not enough neurons to stop pissing themselves sort, were taught to vote for who ever yelled "gun control" the loudest. They then, by design, saddled us with a bunch of brain-dead socialists for so called "leaders" who think that psychopathic criminals intent on doing harm actually do care about a sign, or the law, or human life. If only we would all FEEEeeeeeEEEL enough. Or then again. It could be that we all just didn't FEEEEeeeeeEEEEElllllLLLL enough about the horrendous pain this poor little choir boy™ was in and he just had to make a cry for help. Stupid fucking morons never learn and they refuse to be taught.

And on that note, I'm off to soak this cold in a nice hot shower, before my head explodes from trying to think like a stupid fuckweasel.


Because, screw you world you don't rule me...

And you don't get to tell me or anyone else who we should be, that is for us to decide on our own. Because who a person is can be entirely different than how they appear, so fuck you world. I STAND WITH ERIN. And let anyone who has something bad to say about her, come say it to me first. I'll happily do some rewiring in your skull for you. I haven't got to try out my SOG 'hawk on anything that bleeds, yet.