You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


It puts a smile on your face.

Logging into facebook and seeing among the top stories on the news feed is this story.

Just reading about SHOT Show is more fun than any anti-gun show. Then again it isn't hard to be more fun than an empty void of an idea. As it is only a poorly thought out and badly flawed theory the best its supporters can hope for is that we only point at them and laugh. As my fellow bloggers are fond of saying, "This is why we win."


Strange Sitemeter.

Was wandering thru sitemeter this morning trying to kill time until I get off work. I notice I've been getting some hits from all over the world, and strangely placed at that, to this post in particular. Many are due to the fact they are all searching some variation of .30-30, or Winchester 30-30. Either way none of them stay long once they arrive but at least they clicked the link. So thanks for the hits to those people in San Fran, LA, France, Italy and Mexico as well as any others I might have overlooked.

If you would stick around and leave a comment or two asking questions I might be able to answer them. I've spent the last 30 years around one or another form of the "Bambi Zapper" (as Tam would say). If I cannot answer it I can point you in the direction of another one of my fellow gun-bloggers that probably could.


1911 Mk1 v1.02 proceeds.

Well the project I started awhile back proceeds apace, a slow pace but...

Sorry for the crappy quality, but its not that great a phone either.

So far upgrades from last time include new Novak carry rear sight. Front sight is my metal working skill and the finish is still ugly for now but the slide is getting Duracoat to finish things out anyway. Wilson checkered front strap. Last but not least a 3-slot steel compensator. More to follow.

I know some of you eschew giving firearms a name but I feel this one is deserving of one. I'm leaning toward The Zombinator any other thoughts are welcome in the comments.