You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Merry Christmas.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas with plenty of good food and good company. Be safe ya'll.



Through YouTube, found this. Enjoy.


One Year Old.

One year ago tomorrow (trying to stay ahead of the curve) I fired up my little corner of the internetz. 90 posts (counting this one), almost 4,000 views (half of 'em mine), 101 comments (also about half mine). In that time I added 4 new guns to the armory, lost a close family member, had some stumbles of my own and generally lived my boring ol' life as well as time, money, and various 'n' sundry other things allowed.

I figured on one post a week when I got going but this happened to be a good year for fodder. What with a moron in the White House and about 99.9999999999% of Congress added to that, they were bound to shake a few words out of me. This is also not counting the random stupid/funny/etc. that you can run across when you have a lot of free time to peruse the web and have other more able bloggers to find what you miss and link it for your approval/derision or just fill you in on what's happening in their lives. I'm not a good writer as you can see, so getting me to commit felonious acts of literacy is a painfully slow process. I will try to do better next year, but no promises.

Here's looking forward to another 365 days with you crazy folks. I made a lot of new friends this year and I hope to add to that in the next 12 months.


Snow, Snow. Go Away.

Yup you heard it right. So far about 2" of it and it's still coming down. Bad part is that I will have to drive home in this stuff in a couple hours, and then come back 12 hours after that. Next couple days are going to suck if it keeps this up.


Eleventh Day of the Eleventh month.

"If you are reading this, thank a teacher. If you are reading this in English, thank a Vet." - Unknown.

Clipart courtesy of Karen's Whimsy

Have a happy Veterans Day everyone and seriously, Thank a Vet today.



Yes I said it, Thank G-d It's Monday. The reason why is my work week encompasses the normal weekend for folks. Well, this one started off sucking rocks up off the ground from the git-go. First, the monitor for our security camera that we have overlooking the gate was out. Second, the gate was busted so I couldn't close it, thus I can't control access. Third, I've managed to catch the that means the rest of the week is gonna suck too. F.M.L.


Election Day.

Before any little PSH starts...No I didn't shoot anyone, no I didn't carry my gun into the polling place (I can't carry within 25 feet of any polling place on election day here in MO) so the few libtards that live in this area were "safe from fear" whatever-the-hell that means.

Anyway, as we say:

Soap Box......check
Ballot Box......check
Jury Box......check
Cartridge Box......PENDING


JReb's Rules for surviving Halloween.

1: AMMO - Lots and Lots of ammo.

2: If goblin/creature/whatever, took 20 rounds of 147gr 9mm JHP's and didn't even blink, then the old double barrel 12 gauge loaded with birdshot you brought along isn't going to help.

3: Use a weapon that has a history of making a mess. I recommend the M2 HB, cause .50 BMG rounds took apart Nazi and Japanese aircraft in WW2, they'll do wonders on Mr. Undead as well.

4: Never assume Mr. Undead is really dead, burn him after you tear him apart.

5: After burning, hammering the remaining bones into dust with a 10lb sledgehammer isn't really overkill, it's insurance and a damn good workout.

    5A: Overkill is a good thing.

6: After finishing off previous task, don't worry about washing up because he does have friends.

7: When in a group, never be the first one through the door. That said, never be the last either.

8: If you are alone, don't just walk through the house like a dork, use your environment. Lead with a piece of wood, better splinters in your hand than losing the hand altogether.

9: Whenever it is prudent, RUN and don't look back because the murderous-flying-zombie-vampire-werewolves ARE gaining on you.

10: Get to a location that is solid and defensible from all angles, and if you are unsure about a location. IT IS VULNERABLE.

11: AMMO - Lots and Lots of ammo.

Keep these 11 rules in mind and you too will survive Halloween. Special thanks to Labrat, Stingray, Popehat, and OldNFO.



And here I am, back in the salt mines so to speak....umm, yay?

Oh well, considering as much as I am looking forward to Tuesday this weekend should fly by, I can't wait to fire me some bureaucrats. Only way to make it better is if we got to fire them out of a cannon instead.


Guess I haven't scared 'em off yet.

I still seem to garner at least one hit a month from Estonia...don't ask cause I have no idea why.

Well, color me NOT surprised.

Doing blog-rounds before heading to bed I found this via Common Cents, (look under the WMD branded header if you hit the CC blog).

Yeah waiter, I'll take an order of apologies with some told-ya-so on the side. While I'd still like to see the head honcho of Wikileaks the recipient of a hickory shampoo prior to being target practice for the 3rd I.D. for endangering American and allied lives. The info does show a glaring light on the bias and lies of the news media in particular and liberals in general. This also gives rise to another post label here at Missouri Rebel..."stupid moonbat tricks". Have a nice day...stupid liberals, we freaking told ya so.


Hunting Guns.

One of a few dedicated hunting firearms that I own. The Marlin 336 .30-30. Ye Olde Bambi Zapper.


Caliber:                  .30-30 Winchester
Barrel Length:         20"
Capacity:                6+1
Weight:                   w/ scope, approx. 7lbs
Sights:                    Blade-bead hooded Front / Folding Notch Rear
Optics:                   Simmons 3-9x32 duplex reticule
Finish:                    Blued steel, American walnut forearm/stock

I bought this one using that dreaded "gunshow loophole" when I was about 16 for $150 not long after I passed my hunter safety course at school. I could have taken Grandpa up on the offer to do the same for me as he had done for my sister when she passed hers. I.E. let him buy an SKS for me since at the time you could get one here for about $80. I opted to buy my own rifle, cause I'm contrary like that. I wanted one just like the ones He, Dad and Mom use. The ubiquitous Marlin .30-30. So the hunt began, so to speak, and I started looking at all the various antique-collector shows and auctions that we went to to see if I could find one. About 6 months later I was sitting at home watching TV when Mom called and said she and Dad had found one I might like at the antique show they were set up at. I gave her the nod and she drove back out to the house to pick me up and off I went. About 20 minutes later I was looking at this beautiful little rifle and a bit of haggling later I picked it up for the above mentioned $150 (not real sure Mom and Dad hadn't been haggling before I got there) but either way I was lighter in the bank account but physically 7 lbs heavier. I haven't looked back since. I have a lot of guns that can take medium sized game (here in MO I can legally hunt deer with any single-projectile, centerfire cartridge) but this is always gonna be the first gun I ever bought myself. As they say, firearms are forever. Well, so are the memories, every scuff, scratch and ding in the finish tells a story and ya know...I'm happy with that.


YHGTBSM moment.

Yeah I just had one. I turn on my browser, drop into Yahoo and WHAM!! First thing I see for the headlines is this. Go read, I'll wait...

Back? Good. Now lets dissect this massive ball of fail in as few words as possible. WTF is up with that organization? A group of H.S. refs decide out of the kindness of their hearts to donate to a charity, not only that but they show that support by using pink whistles...Am I just too outside the loop to see the problem here or do the powers that be really believe this to be a major problem? Cmon people violating rules is one thing but when it has absolutely NO impact on how they do their jobs then what's the problem? I'll tell ya what, if 3 out of 4 refs were using pink whistles and the fourth was using a black whistle then guess which one is the odd man out...HINT: Not any of em using pink whistles. ROT IN HELL YOU MISERABLE NAZIS. I played sports in H.S. and trust me the last thing I was worried about was what color the refs whistles were.


Gun Pr0n.

The one handgun that I have put several thousand rounds thru over the years starting when I was about 16.

Mom's revolver.

Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. .22 Special. 9-shot, double-action / single-action revolver.

Best I've been able to come up with is that this model was last produced in 1943, and this one was from around 1941-42. Shoots well but has a strong yet smooth double action, the single action is crisp and clean with no movement that I can feel. And lets face it, 9-shots of .22 LR, HV hollow point is more than most people want to buck, especially considering that Mom is a crack-shot.


Not Dead...

Not disappeared. Also, I haven't been abducted by aliens or the BATFE for anal probing either.

Just trying to get a few things lined out and lets face it, I'm not the most productive person when it comes to coming up with blog fodder. Unless ya'll want to hear about the "Borrrrrriiiiinnnggg" that is my day to day routine. I rather think that would have the opposite effect of what I'm going for though.


Remembrance and Anger.

I do remember. Nine years ago today I was laying on the couch watching TV on my day off, when the news came on that the World Trade Center was on fire. I heard the first reports that a plane had struck the building. I remember thinking at first that someone had seriously screwed up their calculations with regards to altitude and location and I wondered how someone could make such a huge error. Then the next reports chilled me to the bone and pissed me off...a second plane had struck the other tower. Further reports told of the Pentagon and I knew at that point it was no mere accident, it was an act of war. The next thought that ran through my mind was of all those young men I had met the year before, just before I was discharged from the Army. They would be among the first called upon to avenge this act, all that would be needed is a name and a place. All they needed was to know who they would have to kill or capture and they would go, most of them enthusiastically.

As more reports came in throughout the day everyone was scrambling to figure out who was behind this, some of us already had our suspicions, the same ones responsible in '93. No matter what anyone wants to believe the list of groups capable and willing to do something like this is very short, then and now. You can call it profiling if you want but the one thing I learned during my short time in the Army is that you must learn everything you can about your enemy, (armored units still study the tactics of Rommel in North Africa). Muslim extremists have proven before they care nothing for anyone, not even themselves as long as they can kill innocent people, for what? to prove a point? I'm sorry but that isn't the way you prove a point. You want to fight? Then do so, face to face, man to man, as it should be. Although that would be expecting too much from a group of cowards that wouldn't stand a chance against some of our children, let alone the most deadly fighting forces on the planet.

For those that are about my age, we were just kids during the first attack, we were not expected to learn all we could about it and why it happened. I did some digging on my own, even at 12 years old you can learn a lot if you dig in the right spots and I understood then as I did nine years ago and still do now. This is an enemy that wants us all dead by any means available. Trying to appease them will only get you dead quicker, yet our leaders seem to think that if you apologize enough the problem will go away. It won't. Terrorism is a disease and the only cure is to wipe it from the face of the Earth at the point of a sword, or a bullet, whichever we happen to have available at the time.


So much Badass...

So few targets of opportunity.

After reading this. I can't wait for my very own ninja zombie death-squad.

H/T to DaddyBear.

Ahh, Labor Day.

While everyone else in the country that does not have an essential job (i.e. Police, Fire, EMS) gets the day off. I get to head into work. I guess low rent security guard applies as essential job. Who knew?!? Granted that if the mill is shut down with no-one else working, then I have to. Gotta have someone there to keep an eye on things. So, to all my friends that are off work today. Toss back a cold one for me.


Gear Question.

As most of you know, I finally broke down and bought an "almost" EBR sometime ago. The question I have is that I'm looking to get a good pistol-grip stock for it.

I am wanting input from anyone with a similar setup so I can make a choice on which stock to get. So let the ideas flow, you can leave them in the comments or email me at the address on the right.



Well looks like most of this week's paycheck has been earmarked. I already knew I was going to have to get brake pads so I could replace the old ones...well now my car seems to have sprung a massive leak in the brake line. F%*^!#G vehicles!!


Now I really can't wait to see it.

Larry Correia is rapidly becoming one of my favorite people, just because of stuff like this. Finally honest, in-depth movie reviews that, as a plus, are not from some liberal, backwater, mainstream, fail agency.


Guess this explains the last post.

You are 12% hippie.
Ok, you conservative soul. Do you even believe in global warming? Loosen that necktie a little, and try some organic food. It actually does taste better. And go to a farmer's market--they're fun.

Are you a hippie?
Take More Quizzes

I'm curious as to how I scored that high... ehh. *shrug*

H/T to Christina.


It didn't just kick over my gigglebox...

It broke it open. Most people think I don't care much for the whole neohippie culture...they're right.


Take a remote controlled Heavy Machine Gun.

Add an UBER HOT, IDF troopie and you get: this.

Ahem. Welcome back...yeah, I want one of my very own too.

H/T to Farmdad linking in the GBC.

I really do scare myself.


My Conservative Identity:

You are a Freedom Crusader, also known as a neoconservative. You believe in taking the fight directly to the enemy, whether it’s terrorists abroad or the liberal terrorist appeasers at home who give them aid and comfort.
Take the quiz at Political Humor

"Honestly officer, I don't know where that shotgun came from."

H/T to Orangeneck.



I never thought that:

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

You really do learn something new everyday, even about yourself and even if it scares you.

H/T to Breda, Alan, and Orangeneck.

Let us see here.

See if you can follow my logic on this and tell me if it makes sense or not.

Modern "progressive" activists in the 20-30 something range, are the children and potentially grand-children of the hateful, spiteful, socialist, anti-war movement from the 60's and 70's - i.e. Hippies. Hummm. Well that explains the altered mental state quite well actually. It's probably been said before but I can't remember. Though I do believe I'm onto something here. Nevermind, carry on with that which you were doing.


Back, more or less. Prolly less.

Well desktop is still f***ed. Running my Mom's laptop at the moment (Thanks Mom) so I at least have interwebz and emailz. Though the lack of games is going to be interesting, thank G-d I bought the PS3 last year or I'd be going insane right about now. But. It (the laptop) can't run the PC games I have (at least not well), or the ones that are due to be released that I've been waiting for.  GRRRRRR.

Oh well getting money saved takes time and I can make due till then or till I can figure what part of my other one took the poison pill. Or until I put a 230gr. slug through its processor and put it out of MY misery, whichever happens first.

BTW, email now on sidebar. JRebel now with 100% more contactability.



Posting will be even lighter than normal for awhile. At least till I can afford a new desktop. The comp I've been running and upgrading for nearly 10 years finally decided to bite the big one. Too bad too, it was a good comp and I've had few complaints with it till now. Dammit.

On another note. Governor Nixon signed HB 1692 into law on Monday it's effective date is 8/28/10. Now the phrase "TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT" gets a whole new meaning. The relevant part is:

(5) Specifies that an individual who owns or leases private
property may use deadly force against a person who unlawfully
enters, remains after unlawfully entering, or attempts to
unlawfully enter the property. The owner or lessor of the
private property does not have a duty to retreat from the
property (Sections 563.011 and 563.031);


Gear review 1.0

If any of you use optics on your firearms or even iron sights that aren't quite tuned at the factory then you already know the problems associated with getting them zeroed. The main problem isn't so much getting the sights lined up as it is getting them close enough to get the shots on paper where you can start adjusting. Well I always had this problem too, that's why about 6 or 7 years ago I bought the Laserlyte laser boresight and having just replaced the batteries for the first time, I thought I'd offer this review. IT F*&^#@G ROCKS, HARD!!! Using this on the .30-06 you see in the header above at 100yds I just put the crosshairs on the dot and went from there, that is exactly where the bullets went when I shot my group.

So if you are having difficulty getting your shots on paper to get your sighting system of choice lined up, get one. It's the best 40 bucks you'll spend. Not to mention the savings in ammo for more fun things, like putting holes in paper or fur-bearing critters, whichever floats your boat.  Much love Laserlyte, thanks for making such great products.

*FTC disclaimer - Go piss up a rope. I bought it, it wasn't given to me.


It really is a convenience store.

Noticed other bloggers discussing weird alcohol related laws. That got me to thinking about one of the package stores here in town.

Where this popular term, is absolutely true.

Lemme see, how long has it been since I said 'I love Missouri'.

Salute to Tam for that post, it was the inspiration.


It's Black. It's Tactical.

And it's an old reliable design. My contribution to the Ebil Black Rifle class.

I present to you the Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Tacticool.

Cue the ARAKSKS fanboys and girls. IN, 3...2...1.

New gun PR0N forthcoming.

Was going to do it a few weeks ago but I was more worried about my long work week. Stay tuned.


It truly is Independence Day.

I can hear it all around the property as I sit on the porch here at work, that distinctive pop and crackle of fireworks. Pretty sure I heard some rifle, pistol and shotgun fire too. Given that warfare is how we got this holiday, as long as they aren't just popping rounds off into the air and are using a proper backstop then I say - go nuts. I could listen to that sound all night long, it's the Sound of Freedom.

Happy Birthday America.

234 years old and still kicking.


Another Quick thought, and my first QOTD.

Larry Correia of MHI fame, hits one right off the F%&*@#G planet.

Meanwhile, a bunch of left wing hoodlums are burning stuff at the G-20, just like they do. Every. Single. Year. Why is it that the media is so deathly afraid of us right wingers being violent, though we hardly ever are, yet lefties and socialists shut down a city for a week every year and nobody notices because it’s so ho-hum. It’s probably because if a single local Tea-Party got into a mood we could overthrow a small country. My side doesn’t screw around. When we get violent, we go big or we go home. I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy.

"I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy."


Quick Thought.

Don't screw with my Mom if she's holding a 1911. The woman is deadly accurate.


Workus Interuptis.

Guess who gets to work 9 out of the 11 days between the 25th and the 5th. If you said, Me, you win a pat on the back....Go ahead and reward yourself. Oh and if you think those 2 days off are together think again. 9 days of work at 12 hours a day, umm yeah. I'll post when I can see straight again.


Lost in Time. 1911 to be exact.

Well I know I haven't posted in awhile and that's due to me picking up Red Dead Redemption for PS3. If you have a 360 or PS3, I recommend it, it's Grand Theft Auto on horseback. But. There are a lot more things to do on the side than the regular GTA games I think. For instance: hunting, gathering herbs, breaking wild horses, bounty hunting, treasure hunting or just plain ol' heading into a nest of enemies and cleaning house. Red Dead Redemption gets the JRebel seal of approval.



The day the earth trembled from the thunder of the guns, both at sea and ashore. What some remember and others do not, was that the near dawn landings on the beaches were not the first combat actions of the day. The first actions of that day were already being carried out by approximately 17,000 brave paratroopers. These young men jumped and glided into a fire storm of lead and steel several hours before the beach landings to begin the bloody process of removing a well entrenched enemy from defenses they had almost 5 years to put in place. With only the equipment they had on their backs.

Hampered by missed drop-points of several miles in many cases, preventing units from grouping according to plan.

This is why I have such great love of the Airborne units, they didn't let a little thing like heavy enemy fire and the failure of "Leadership's Plan A" ruin their plans. Their plan was simple and always has been. "Jump" and if you survive that "Kill, by any means available". Which is why we call the paratroopers -

Death From Above

God-speed Commandos. Thank you.


Stop! Or my Mom will shoot.

Chilling and Heart-warming all at the same time.

h/t to Armed Citizen

Big. Brass. Balls.

That's what I thought when I saw this kid. HOOAHH little brother, gityasum. To me he really sums up what Israel is all about. The one lone soldier, surrounded and refusing to give up. It takes a lot of guts to stand up and say to the bully, "STFU. I'm here, now do somethin' 'bout it." The bad thing is (as you can see in the video) the number of people in this country willing to support the same type of people that advocate killing them just because they are Americans. All because Israel did exactly what they said they would, they enforced the blockade they put in place to try and stem the flow of aid to terrorists. Now tell me again why this is a bad thing, you f--ktards.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are all alike, they have no honor or redeeming virtue, they are a plague and "we" (REAL Americans and our friends the Israelis) have the vaccine*.

Israelis have taken shit for awhile now and they are sick of it. I say cut the dogs loose boys and girls, I'll back ya.



Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves among family and friends.

Remember those that can't be.


Awaiting Signature.

HB 1692 has finally been delivered to Gov. Nixon to either be signed into law or vetoed. This bill contains a much needed legislative protection for property owners and lessors ability to defend themselves, among other things, and I would like to thank the Missouri General Assembly for passing this in the final hours of this session. Now it's up to YOU to do your part, Governor. We're waiting.


Shameless Self Promotion.


Damn, I'm getting old, 29, hell next year I'll have to start acting all grown up and stuff...yeah right.



Guess it struck a nerve.

Thanks go to Alan for the traffic. I'm gonna go giggle like a schoolgirl now.


You gotta be F$#^ing kidding me.

Was doing my blog-rounds and the first story I hit is this one from Gay_Cynic. Original story here.

About that I say this:

You sycophantic-socialist-dead-weight. You steaming, oozing puddles of donkey-sweat-and-manure-flavored-koolaid. You wannabe-soviet-rimjobers. Listen up, I have news for you! SCREW YOU, I'LL SPREAD THE TRUTH ABOUT WHICHEVER ONES OF YOU I WANT!

If you can't handle people using their right of free speech and spreading the truth about your lies, then please do us all a favor. Jump off the nearest tall building and save We The People the trouble of throwing you off it in the future. You degenerate-parasites of the body politic.

Remember, remember, IT ENDS IN NOVEMBER!!

Sincerely, ME.


Draw Mohammad Day.

My half-hearted attempt at "art".


My Field, AKA, My Target Range.

I've often bragged on GBC about being able to step outside anytime I want and pop off a few rounds. Here's why:

From where I was standing with the camera, (if you click to bigify the pic,) you can see the khaki colored target stand, that's 25 yds +/- a yard. Way in the background you can see a small pair of ceders, from the wood frame attached to the oak to them is 100 yds. If I shoot through the area I'm standing from the corner of my driveway all the way to the back fence, (behind the ceders,) is 200 yds. Impossible to do in the spring and summer until the grass is cut.


For those that asked.

Some of my friends over at the #GBC chat asked me about the grips on my 1911 after I mentioned that I had engraved them for a bit of personal flair. Well here you go guys.

I apologize for the flash but the lighting is too yellow without it.

Anyway, they aren't that well done, as you can plainly see I'm a rank amateur. This is the first time I've tried to engrave wood, (my usual work in wood when doing things like this is woodburning), oh well. Enjoy.



Well boys and girls, grab a cold one, kick up your feet and welcome to the party.


Some history of John Moses Browning.

Crucis has a great article posted for anyone wanting to know more about JMB. It's a must read.


Sometimes suspicions pay off.

It has been said before that the only weapon you have is your brain and everything else is just a tool.

Well one person used the weapon he had and then put it to use with the proper tools for the situation, in this case a cell phone and a car.

That's two more punks off the streets (for awhile at least).


Greetings to the Holy Land.

Ya know, if God loved me it would be one of the nice young ladies from the IDF.

Yeah right! Like I could get that lucky.

Hmmm...That's odd.

It's almost like Missouri isn't a safe place to be a criminal.

"Holdup victim kills robber along Dunn Road

A man who was robbed at gunpoint in Hazelwood on Tuesday night fought back and shot the robber to death, police say.

The victim of the holdup pulled his own gun and fatally shot the robber at about 8:40 p.m. Tuesday on a street in Hazelwood.
Yet there was still someone getting full-on PSH over it.
"Richard Garger, 71, who lives on Eagles Way Court about a half-block from the shooting, said he heard eight shots.
'What are the odds of two guys with guns walking down the street?' he said. 'It’s like the Old West.'
Well I'd say it was a damned good thing that the victim had a gun. It just means there's one less little punk running around trying to add his own tally to the crime rate.

Via TotC sending the story to JayG, original here.


It warms my heart...

To see another little punk get one upped by his intended victim. Not only that but the neighborhood seems pretty well thrilled with the results.

Via Armed Citizen.

They just don't make em like they used to.

Well I just finished cleaning my late Grandpa's old .22. It still functioned flawlessly but here's the kicker, it had 40+ years worth of residue built up in the action. I was sweeping chunks of that stuff out of the action and off the working bits (was waiting for Jimmy Hoffa to come rolling out,) yet the dang thing still shot better than a lot of newer .22 LR's I've seen and I'd like to see a lot of newer rifles function at all with that much crud in them.

It's not special in any way other than it was Grandpa's rifle. Other than that it's just an old Western Auto Supply Revelation 120 made by Marlin, more or less the same in action to the model 60 but externally it looks a lot like the old model 99's.

But...time for a memory.

I do have a bit of a statement to make though to start. Any person who thinks you can't kill a turkey with a .22LR from over 200 yds away with iron sights, all I have to say is "you're a liar" and you can quote me on that. I know cause I was standing next to Grandpa when he shot it and I'm the one that walked across the field to retrieve it, 2 shots 2 lethal hits, one through the neck and one through the head, with this very rifle. Granted he had a lot of practice hitting what he was aiming at, that's the way he grew up. You went out with so many rounds of ammo and you either came back with that much game or the difference in game and ammo, you didn't waste bullets plain and simple and if you missed, well, the extra chores would teach ya not to.

UPDATE: After talking with my dad I found out exactly how old this rifle is. Grandpa bought it new from Western Auto when dad was about 5 so it's about 50 years old now and Grandpa paid the sum total of about $30 for it, that's gonna be another family heirloom just like the old single-shot 12ga.

UPDATE 2: A link for some history on the models.


Walkabout in Sitemeter.

Hi Tam.

Border Security...That's USAF not DHS.

OldNFO has a post up about the new AZ immigration law that allows their LEO's to help curb the problem. That law has also spawned a tidal wave of hate from the people that profit off of illegal aliens (DNC etc. I'm looking at you). Well OldNFO fielded the suggestion of using Reaper UAV's to patrol the border and take down any illegals seen with weapons, here's why it would work (look at the bottom of the page under 'Armament').

I can see the nose-art for it, a photo of Gandalf saying "You shall not pass!!" now that's border security I like.


It's like a wreck looking for a place to happen.

Jumped on the interwebz to do a bit of browsing and this little gem of a headline caught my eye. Seems that some people think this is somehow new just because of Barry O and company getting to use the power granted to them by us. Here's a news flash for the MSM, militias have been around since the Revolutionary War. They were the ones responsible for many of the more successful actions conducted against the British during the war. Perhaps you may have heard of "The shot heard 'round the world" that was the militia as we had no standing army at that time. On into the War Between the States which was fought mainly by state militias that banded together under a few leaders that took orders from their respective governments.

Some would call it "Every peasant with a rifle," I call it a duty, it is my duty to dissent when a few would seek to subvert the limited powers they have been asked to wield in an effort to gain more. I say that anyone not willing to fight when all else has failed is not a citizen, they are a subject depending on someone else to do the right thing. That isn't freedom that's being subservient, around here we call it bootlicking. Every citizen of this country is a militia unto themselves and all are equal, no one "law-abiding citizen" is any more important than another and I don't care what title you might have achieved.

There is a major difference among many citizens though, some like the talking heads on the TV and politicians in DC, might "voice" their support or dissent of my rights but if necessary I'd fight for their right to do so. This is because I am a citizen and thus I am a militia of one and my commander is a piece of parchment now more than 200 years old. It is the base upon which this country rests, thanks to those brave few that stood shaking their fists and not much else (not to mention balls big enough to fill a dump truck) in the face of tyranny. Who would have thought that a few farmers and shopkeepers with rifles could defeat the most powerful army on the planet but they did*. Love our country and its guiding principles or shut the F*** up.

* Just a heads up, it can happen again if we don't keep a tight reign on our politicians.


New Gun Friday.

Was browsing at one of the local "Merchants of Death" today and just couldn't say no to this. So I give you Summer CCW.

Used price was $319.99 on the tag which put it $75 less than the new Taurus that was hanging next to it and the differences were minimal. 5-shot .38SPL +P and polished to the point it looks nickel plated. Shoots good too. 15 shots from 10', 15', and 21' at a 10" paper plate, 15 holes in paper and that was the first 15 shots from a snubbie I've fired. I call it a win.


Buy A Gun Day...Sorta.

Well I opted not to make a purchase for B.A.G.D. I'm thinking I will wait a week or two and get a bit more money in the ol' checking account, this will serve two purposes. 1. I will have more money left in my account after the purchase. 2. I can up the price range a bit, given that selection around here is limited.

I have sorta made up my mind though as to what I want, looking to get a smallish 9mm or .38 Spl for summer CCW duty vs the Govt. model 1911. Something in the $250-$300 range shouldn't be a problem and it will still have enough punch to do the job it needs to do.


Working toward a month now....

And they still haven't found any evidence.

Jumped on the interwebz after getting home from work and found this gem.

Now you would think after all this time, plus the $100k for the United Negro College Fund, someone would have found the evidence by now. As we say on the GBC "pix or it didn't happen," well in this case Audio/Video or IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. I believe at this point we can justifiably call bullshit. The Dumbicrats are gonna say whatever they want anyway and until the media stops kissin' their asses they will get all the air-time they want too.


Before I forget,

Happy Easter Everyone.

Status update.

Seeing as I have been remiss in posting frequently. I decided to let my 2 faithful readers know I am still alive and kicking. Things have been a bit hectic lately, between preparing to switch shifts at work and aiding my sister and brother-in-law with their move into my late grandfather's house, I have been pretty preoccupied. Now that that's all done I should be back to a more normal schedule.

P.S. I had a rant in the works for the fisting 'o' the taxpayers that is 0bamacare. Given that I'm still pretty well irate on the subject and others have made many the same points, as well as some recent events, I think it best not to try and work my way up to the top of the Alphabet Soup of the .Gov hitlist.


Since I don't wish to be the only one with high blood-pressure this morning.

I give you these gems.

First. One of the GRE's calls hi-jinks, and rightfully so, on a story from a Commercial Appeal op-ed, commie, liberal douche-bag.

Then JayG gives us this story about a woman driving while suspended. She wrecked her car while---get this---SHAVING HER "BIKINI AREA", this goes well beyond OMG and lands squarely in WTF were you thinking territory.

Then we get the link to this little gem from cybrus in the GBC chat. Title of the letter is Laws reflect times. The truly sad thing is the reported stats, this person is running off of, from the VPC and Brady Bunch are a load of bunk extrapolated from whole cloth. They're intended solely to make it look like they are right when they can't get real data to back them up. This among some other stories guaranteed to give you a headache.

Last and certainly the least Paul Helmke, one of the overly opinionated bags of hot-air from the Brady Bunch, writes a story for the LA TIMES. It seems Paul thinks that gun owners are as dangerous as tainted food now. Well Paul I have news for you we're not even close, you want dangerous groups...try looking at street gangs who, guess what, ARE NOT LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS.


The differences are telling.

Having spent the majority of my time the last two days perusing the Amici Curiae briefs submitted in McDonald v Chicago. I have noticed an extreme difference in the "groups" filing said documents.

Those that support McDonald seem to carry a great deal of clout in the area of what is and isn't part of the constitution, what with groups as diverse as a bi-partisan majority of Congress, Attorneys General for 38 states and one from State Legislators. Included are a host of independent groups as diverse as the CATO Institute and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Most of these organizations have dedicated a substantial portion of their existence to the Constitution and its guarantees.

Those that support Chicago, well, not so much. You can check out the differing opinions and read all the briefs as well as news reports here.


Hark, and let fly the douchebags of the Anti-everything.

This was e-mailed to me by my buddy TotC

Too bad for the people that are not from this county expressing an opinion on how their taxes are spent, cause I gotta tell ya they're not spent here. Mine on the other hand are spent here and I haven't seen the destruction they are talking about. I thought the guy who mentioned his truck doing more damage was right on the money. Add to that it's like pulling teeth to get the county to do anything when nature does her thing every spring. I don't see where the damage could be as bad by comparison from the rally. We still have giant potholes in our roads out here from last spring. So, if the county isn't out fixing the roads they are not spending the tax money they receive anyway other than to pay the employees to sit on their asses.

As I said it seemed that most of the people highly opposed to the rally aren't even from here so I say this to them, go piss up a rope, it's not your money that pays for it. We pay our taxes so that some of it goes into road maintenance. Whatever happens to those roads from the rally is nothing compared to the condition of alot of roads in this county year-round.


Have I mentioned...

How much I like my former schoolmate Jason Smith? Well my buddy TotC gave me another reason this morning. This bill is very similar to last year's HB 668 with the preemption clause. You can read the full text of HB 2150 here. If you live in Missouri contact your rep and ask them to get behind this, HB 668 passed the house last year** lets get this one to do the same.

**HB 668 died quietly in senate committee despite all the attention it got from us.


Another wannabe cool kid.

Found awhile back at Breda's, Tam's, and then Snarky's

The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal

Get to it while you are reminded of it.

Thanks to Jigsaw asking me about it in the GBC chat I went and added a couple more to the Good Reads list. Jigsaw herself and Brigid who I have been meaning to add for a long-time now.


Carry Piece 2.0

Before it said "Don't F*** With Me."

Now it screams "GO AWAY."

And it will do it even better with the 3.0 version that will involve some radioactive material.

New Additions.

First up is Leadchucker a fellow Missourian and RKBA supporter. WIN-WIN.

Next is Matthew of Straight Forward in a Crooked World. Good tips for when things go horrendously Tits Up from someone that has been there and back as well as other musings.

Next post will entail an update to my previous post of carry pieces.

OK, I'm back.

The week before last I was laying low due to the crappy connection from the snow so internet travels were limited. But on to the matter at hand.

As some already know last Tuesday I lost my grandfather, the services were today. They were short and to the point just the way he wanted them, but it was a nice service anyway with a longtime friend of the family officiating. He didn't want a military funeral though he could have been accorded one yet the folded flag was present at the head of the casket which my Mother and Father received. It will receive a wood and glass case as soon as I get the materials to make it, (one of the many things my Grandpa taught me was carpentry). I will miss him as will the entire family. The grandsons, myself included, were the pallbearers along with several honorary ones that included my nephew. Not the first time I've performed that duty and honor though I do hope that it is the last, last time was for my Grandma 2 years ago but they are together again now, I know Grandpa missed her alot. Many of my friends on the web gave thoughts and prayers and I appreciate them all, Thank you.

I have a post or two in the works I wanted to get to sometime ago so I will go work on them. Once again I would like to thank those of you that wished us well it means alot.


It's Serious Buisness.

Snarky has a post up that IS the argument as to why some of us take our personal safety as our very own responsibility. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait.

I wish to take nothing away from Snarky or Redhead as I fully understand why they can't carry at this time. Those of you that have the means and ability* but choose not to because you think you won't need it, every time you leave your home I want you to look in the mirror and say "BAAAAA". Now, for those of you that argue that we do not need to carry the proper tools for our defense because "the police will protect you" take that story as a warning. The only thing those walking-piles-of-pig-shit should've gotten away with is multiple gun-shot wounds and a new respect for why you don't steal things other people worked hard to get.

I personally hope if the police find them they do try to resist, the little pole-smoking, sperm-dumpsters deserve to know what asphalt tastes like, as well as get to see the inside of a MoDOC facility. I'd prefer the former JCCC facility in Jefferson City, AKA THE WALLS, too bad its closed now.

*Not to include those that can't because of outside factors beyond their control.


Support of the Little Ø...

It means your campaign is getting shot in the foot.
Øbama's support is now worth exactly what he is...negative digits.

Øbama supported candidates 0 for 2 3
New Jersey...check.
AND last but not least.

CHECKMATE Barry...again.

(Tip of the hat to JayG for the last three links.)


From the GBC chat.

Discussing the Scott Brown win in the MA special election. Brown having been called a teabagger by various persons, here's the best definition EVAR:

{cjrmultigun} Something like, "Rubbing the balls of freedom in the face of tyranny..."

That really needs a t-shirt of it's very own.


Seems Appropriate.

With JayG keeping us posted on the special election about to take place in MA and it looking like Scott Brown just might win. I thought this oldie but goodie might best describe Martha Coakley's thoughts.

Heh, too bad Martha.


Hummm, nice response...

Gay_Cynic has a great post up...go see.


New updates.

Three more added to the Good Reads list.

First up FarmDad father of FarmGirl and host of "Blogorado" (if you haven't heard about that, you are seriously missing out).

Next we have OldNFO wise beyond his years and gunny from the word go.

Last but not least. The Atomic Nerds, Labrat and Stingray. Big brains and bigger firepower. Just ask Japan circa 1945 if it's effective firepower or not.


Ok, label me pissed...

Found over at Breda's, original article here. Sounds something like a bunch of JBT's protecting their pensions to me. All because of this and this mostly, if you guys did your jobs then none of it would be needed, ("IT" being the rampant ass-covering that's going on, not to mention the need for the change in security protocols).

Call me silly but I don't think that these guys are looking in the right place for security risks. I mean when a blogger is considered more of a security risk than Jihadi bin Hajj Jihad wearing C-4 shorts and a Semtex suit, let alone you guys sending said protocol changes to insecure locations. Something needs to be done. Start with the people that create the policy and work your way down and leave the American people the hell alone. I might be getting a little forgetful but I can't remember the last time a guy named Bubba, Tyrone, or Hector blew themselves up, (not on purpose anyway but I've seen a few "hold my beer" moments).

Here's my tip of the day to the Jack-Booted Thugs of the .gov: Do Not look at only the person and the clothing, READ THE FUCKING NAME ON THE FUCKING I.D. if it closely resembles "Mohamed" you got your man. Now this might be called profiling and is not to say that all Muslims are like the 2 idjits above but the odds are in your favor that you might actually get lucky and nab one this year. Preferably before a passenger has to do it for you dumbasses, otherwise tell me again why we need you.

Happy New Year,

and all it may hold. So this is what 2010 looks like. Looks alot like 2009 to me, only colder.