You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


It's Serious Buisness.

Snarky has a post up that IS the argument as to why some of us take our personal safety as our very own responsibility. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait.

I wish to take nothing away from Snarky or Redhead as I fully understand why they can't carry at this time. Those of you that have the means and ability* but choose not to because you think you won't need it, every time you leave your home I want you to look in the mirror and say "BAAAAA". Now, for those of you that argue that we do not need to carry the proper tools for our defense because "the police will protect you" take that story as a warning. The only thing those walking-piles-of-pig-shit should've gotten away with is multiple gun-shot wounds and a new respect for why you don't steal things other people worked hard to get.

I personally hope if the police find them they do try to resist, the little pole-smoking, sperm-dumpsters deserve to know what asphalt tastes like, as well as get to see the inside of a MoDOC facility. I'd prefer the former JCCC facility in Jefferson City, AKA THE WALLS, too bad its closed now.

*Not to include those that can't because of outside factors beyond their control.


Support of the Little Ø...

It means your campaign is getting shot in the foot.
Øbama's support is now worth exactly what he is...negative digits.

Øbama supported candidates 0 for 2 3
New Jersey...check.
AND last but not least.

CHECKMATE Barry...again.

(Tip of the hat to JayG for the last three links.)


From the GBC chat.

Discussing the Scott Brown win in the MA special election. Brown having been called a teabagger by various persons, here's the best definition EVAR:

{cjrmultigun} Something like, "Rubbing the balls of freedom in the face of tyranny..."

That really needs a t-shirt of it's very own.


Seems Appropriate.

With JayG keeping us posted on the special election about to take place in MA and it looking like Scott Brown just might win. I thought this oldie but goodie might best describe Martha Coakley's thoughts.

Heh, too bad Martha.


Hummm, nice response...

Gay_Cynic has a great post up...go see.


New updates.

Three more added to the Good Reads list.

First up FarmDad father of FarmGirl and host of "Blogorado" (if you haven't heard about that, you are seriously missing out).

Next we have OldNFO wise beyond his years and gunny from the word go.

Last but not least. The Atomic Nerds, Labrat and Stingray. Big brains and bigger firepower. Just ask Japan circa 1945 if it's effective firepower or not.


Ok, label me pissed...

Found over at Breda's, original article here. Sounds something like a bunch of JBT's protecting their pensions to me. All because of this and this mostly, if you guys did your jobs then none of it would be needed, ("IT" being the rampant ass-covering that's going on, not to mention the need for the change in security protocols).

Call me silly but I don't think that these guys are looking in the right place for security risks. I mean when a blogger is considered more of a security risk than Jihadi bin Hajj Jihad wearing C-4 shorts and a Semtex suit, let alone you guys sending said protocol changes to insecure locations. Something needs to be done. Start with the people that create the policy and work your way down and leave the American people the hell alone. I might be getting a little forgetful but I can't remember the last time a guy named Bubba, Tyrone, or Hector blew themselves up, (not on purpose anyway but I've seen a few "hold my beer" moments).

Here's my tip of the day to the Jack-Booted Thugs of the .gov: Do Not look at only the person and the clothing, READ THE FUCKING NAME ON THE FUCKING I.D. if it closely resembles "Mohamed" you got your man. Now this might be called profiling and is not to say that all Muslims are like the 2 idjits above but the odds are in your favor that you might actually get lucky and nab one this year. Preferably before a passenger has to do it for you dumbasses, otherwise tell me again why we need you.

Happy New Year,

and all it may hold. So this is what 2010 looks like. Looks alot like 2009 to me, only colder.