You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Workus Interuptis.

Guess who gets to work 9 out of the 11 days between the 25th and the 5th. If you said, Me, you win a pat on the back....Go ahead and reward yourself. Oh and if you think those 2 days off are together think again. 9 days of work at 12 hours a day, umm yeah. I'll post when I can see straight again.


Lost in Time. 1911 to be exact.

Well I know I haven't posted in awhile and that's due to me picking up Red Dead Redemption for PS3. If you have a 360 or PS3, I recommend it, it's Grand Theft Auto on horseback. But. There are a lot more things to do on the side than the regular GTA games I think. For instance: hunting, gathering herbs, breaking wild horses, bounty hunting, treasure hunting or just plain ol' heading into a nest of enemies and cleaning house. Red Dead Redemption gets the JRebel seal of approval.



The day the earth trembled from the thunder of the guns, both at sea and ashore. What some remember and others do not, was that the near dawn landings on the beaches were not the first combat actions of the day. The first actions of that day were already being carried out by approximately 17,000 brave paratroopers. These young men jumped and glided into a fire storm of lead and steel several hours before the beach landings to begin the bloody process of removing a well entrenched enemy from defenses they had almost 5 years to put in place. With only the equipment they had on their backs.

Hampered by missed drop-points of several miles in many cases, preventing units from grouping according to plan.

This is why I have such great love of the Airborne units, they didn't let a little thing like heavy enemy fire and the failure of "Leadership's Plan A" ruin their plans. Their plan was simple and always has been. "Jump" and if you survive that "Kill, by any means available". Which is why we call the paratroopers -

Death From Above

God-speed Commandos. Thank you.


Stop! Or my Mom will shoot.

Chilling and Heart-warming all at the same time.

h/t to Armed Citizen

Big. Brass. Balls.

That's what I thought when I saw this kid. HOOAHH little brother, gityasum. To me he really sums up what Israel is all about. The one lone soldier, surrounded and refusing to give up. It takes a lot of guts to stand up and say to the bully, "STFU. I'm here, now do somethin' 'bout it." The bad thing is (as you can see in the video) the number of people in this country willing to support the same type of people that advocate killing them just because they are Americans. All because Israel did exactly what they said they would, they enforced the blockade they put in place to try and stem the flow of aid to terrorists. Now tell me again why this is a bad thing, you f--ktards.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are all alike, they have no honor or redeeming virtue, they are a plague and "we" (REAL Americans and our friends the Israelis) have the vaccine*.

Israelis have taken shit for awhile now and they are sick of it. I say cut the dogs loose boys and girls, I'll back ya.