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Monster Hunter Alpha.

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Warning - Rated R.

First off I'll mention that everything below the page break will be Rated R and therefore should not be viewed by anyone under the age of maturity in their location. Furthermore it should not be viewed by anyone that is squeamish about use of harsh language.

The reason you ask? Well you can find that here.


7th Circuit smack-down of Chicago.

Wandering around the intertubes this morning and stopped by NRA-ILA to see the latest headlines on the ticker...and found this. Clicked it to reveal: The Washington Times report of the 7th's smacking around of Chicago over their ban on public shooting ranges. 

But the real gem is the author's remark at the end.

"Gun owners ought to thank Mr. Emanuel for setting up the next slam-dunk case further clarifying our rights."

I do not know who wrote that bit of prose but I like it.


HB 294, Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

Yesterday Gov. Nixon did what most of us wouldn't expect given his history of being wishy-washy toward RKBA. He actually signed HB 294. Given it was an 11th hour signing. It was set to become law today if he took no action (45 day rule). It also passed both houses of the General Assembly by veto proof majorities. Given all that, he really didn't have too much ground to stand on.

At any rate, I thank Gov. Nixon for signing this bill rather than just ignoring it into law or forcing a veto override. Which most likely would have lead to lawsuits in the blue areas of the state that wished to say it wasn't really the law. Similar to the lawsuits that delayed our CCW law in '04.


Happy Independence Day.

In the midst of the bbq's, fireworks, and parties its easy to forget the reason we celebrate. Look around you, odds are there are children (and I use the term loosely, ie: 1-30 y.o.) that do not know the reasons behind all the fun. Please help them understand. Seriously... I can't take another person that thinks we celebrate because we beat the Mexicans in the Spanish-American War.

It's enough to make you want to throw a temper tantrum on behalf of the future.

Have fun, be good, and as always, be safe.


New Ink.

Got it done yesterday evening.

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