You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Boredom is time consuming.

As the title states I got bored. When I get bored I have to do...something. This is the result.

I have talent, everyone's told me that. It's just finding a way to put it to use that I always seem to lack.


Why not?

Reading thru Weerd's writing about the police report from the Martin-Zimmerman case, I thought I'd help by trying to paint a picture without getting into a guilty/not guilty area. I'm doing this merely to try and give an overall picture of things that can help get you into the situation as we know it. EDIT: Proceed through page break to read. The post got a little longer than I intended.


Side Project.

Worked on a little side project the last few days.

Anyone interested in doing the same, here is the supplies list:

1: 1-Pair of smooth wood grips.
2: Some thin flexible leather. (I used buckskin).
3: Wood glue. (I used Elmer's Carpenters Wood Glue MAX, because it dries fairly quickly and is tacky enough to hold the leather.)
4: Sandpaper. (I used 250 grit).
5: Box cutter or X-acto knife.
6: Good quality leather dye.
7: 2 expendable horsehair brushes. Smallish, I used a couple half-inch brushes. (They will likely be ruined during the process).

(Click all pictures to make bigger.)

   You start with your grips and leather:
First you'll need to cut your leather into two rectangles about 1 inch oversize of the grip. (Always better to have too much than not enough.)
You want the grips undersized slightly on the outer dimensions (remember we're adding material). One at a time, sand off any finish from the wood, (this area should be rough to promote better adhesion with the two surfaces, 250 grit sandpaper works well for this,) and then paint on your wood glue...Yes, PAINT ON, you want a thin to medium coat that is even. Then you want to smooth out the leather over the outer most surface and any major contours such as a recessed thumb notch.

   Done? Good, let them dry. Go have a beer or three.

       Now you will need to start cutting to shape. Best to work the tougher areas first. Start stretching the leather around the contours and any areas that cause wrinkles you need to cut small angles (start small and work your way up till you get the leather to fit tightly). Using your knife cut the leather even with the flat of the grip so that the edges point toward the frame of the gun. Once you are done getting it cut to shape and glued down let it dry and check that all edges are secure. You can also go ahead and cut out the holes for the grip screws. I also painted on some glue around the edges to seal them and reduce fraying. Should end up looking like this:

 Now once that part is complete, go have a beer.

Back? Good, now that the hard part is over. It's time for:

(WARNING: High quality leather dye will dye any porous surface known to mankind, PERMANENTLY, so be careful.)
 Using your other brush...No you can't use the one covered in glue unless you managed to clean it completely. Glue and dye don't like each other very well. Moving on... We will now paint the dye onto the leather being sure to cover it completely and letting it soak in. You will probably have to go over it a few times. Once you reach your desired shade, set aside and let dry. You should now have something like this:

Congratulations, you're done. Unless you happen to have a clear coat for leather then you can paint that on to seal and shine them, (I don't).

I chose black because its what I had at hand and lets face it, you can't go wrong with black leather. Besides anything to piss off the PETA petters. Side note: I have still yet to see a single drop of red paint directed at me or any of my friends for wearing leather, dunno why not though.... Zinc and/or nickel plated steel studs are optional. Enjoy.

(FTC Complainer: No one paid me or gave me anything for this post so go take a long walk off a short pier into shark infested water.)

UPDATE: Here's them mounted.


Random thought on religion.

I'm not religious, I'm spiritual. I don't see where anyone has the answers all pegged down yet. Don't care about yours enough to join. Mine is simple. Screw with me or anyone I care about and I'm going to look forward to dragging your tattered carcass to ValhallaHeavenGreatBeyondEternalGlory with me. Then settle up with any Supreme Being or Beings using your aforementioned carcass as the currency to pay my way in. Any questions? Go stick your ear to a landmine and it will whisper the answers.


Reloading for Dummies.

If anyone has a spare copy I'll prolly need it.

   I went ahead and ordered myself a handloading set up for .45 yesterday. Have some experience with the process as my brother-in-law has his dad's old gear and we've been recycling our .30-06 brass. I have now loaded almost 40 rounds for that, which puts me about 25 rounds ahead of my BIL for experience. Pretty simple once you do it a few times, just a bit of a time sink.

   Anyway despite having ordered some of the basics; Lee Classic reloading kit, case prep tools. I still need to get some case lube and the components before I start actual loading. Although I will be buying my powder and primers at one of the local gunshops rather than order them. There's no way I'm paying 27.50 in hazmat fees on top of shipping for a $20ish jar of powder, or a $25 pack of L.P.P.'s. The point is to make it cheaper so I can shoot more, not make a money sink out of it. Still need to do some wood carving to make myself a good hammer for the process though. Guess that old lathe is gonna get some use after all. If I blow off any bits and/or pieces of myself I'll make sure someone takes pictures for ya'll to laugh at.


Well yeah.

Just found out that the douchebag that my ex-gf left me to go back to, is back in jail....again.

This is my shocked face:

My friend told me earlier tonight like it was gonna be a surprise...all I could do was laugh. We both called that one awhile back, and that's her brother we're laughing at. Karma is a real bitch sometimes.