You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Catching up on a few things.

1) The previous post I mentioned getting a couple of the Tapco 30rd mags for my Mini-14, well quick and dirty review is that they suck rocks with the cheap Russian FMJ's. Closest reason I can find for this is Tapco looked at the OAL of an FMJ cartridge and decided to go a couple microns shorter on the inside of the mags. Haven't checked em out with SP's yet to see if that solves the feed issues since they tend to be somewhat shorter in OAL.

2) The Zombinator aka Franken1911 project is pretty much a done deal. I got the sights done like I wanted, albeit it left the finish on the slide pretty rough. Solved that with a bit of sandpaper a can of adhesion promoter and some khaki flavored krylon. Got the aftermarket rail added and screwed to the dust cover and jerry-rigged a flashlight that will light up a hillside 100yds away enough you could make out the horses walking around. So it'll work quite well at 40ft which is the full length of the house. Something to be said for a cheap 120 lumen flashlight. Its still a rough looking pistol but then again it'll function which is what its supposed to do. I'll take mildly pretty and hard-use over beautiful and fragile any day. It isn't being submitted to compete in any beauty contests.

And last but not least 3) The elections, never ever underestimate the stupidity of your fellow man. It has been said before but bears repeating now more than ever: "Be kind, Be courteous, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet." Screw it. Especially when you hear some moron pontificate on how wonderful it is living in this; perfect socialist utopia, hellhole, pit, giant, gaping, smoking, death crater of oblivion we used to call America. Fuck you worthless hippie, socialist, parasites and your chief murdering, treasonous, venom-spitting ophilian and all his subordinates too. I'm done being nice. I'm tired of being polite to people whose only goal is to destroy MY country, MY freedom and MY way of life. Well no more Mr. Nice Guy my little bitches. Its well past time to play nice.