You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves among family and friends.

Remember those that can't be.


Awaiting Signature.

HB 1692 has finally been delivered to Gov. Nixon to either be signed into law or vetoed. This bill contains a much needed legislative protection for property owners and lessors ability to defend themselves, among other things, and I would like to thank the Missouri General Assembly for passing this in the final hours of this session. Now it's up to YOU to do your part, Governor. We're waiting.


Shameless Self Promotion.


Damn, I'm getting old, 29, hell next year I'll have to start acting all grown up and stuff...yeah right.



Guess it struck a nerve.

Thanks go to Alan for the traffic. I'm gonna go giggle like a schoolgirl now.


You gotta be F$#^ing kidding me.

Was doing my blog-rounds and the first story I hit is this one from Gay_Cynic. Original story here.

About that I say this:

You sycophantic-socialist-dead-weight. You steaming, oozing puddles of donkey-sweat-and-manure-flavored-koolaid. You wannabe-soviet-rimjobers. Listen up, I have news for you! SCREW YOU, I'LL SPREAD THE TRUTH ABOUT WHICHEVER ONES OF YOU I WANT!

If you can't handle people using their right of free speech and spreading the truth about your lies, then please do us all a favor. Jump off the nearest tall building and save We The People the trouble of throwing you off it in the future. You degenerate-parasites of the body politic.

Remember, remember, IT ENDS IN NOVEMBER!!

Sincerely, ME.


Draw Mohammad Day.

My half-hearted attempt at "art".


My Field, AKA, My Target Range.

I've often bragged on GBC about being able to step outside anytime I want and pop off a few rounds. Here's why:

From where I was standing with the camera, (if you click to bigify the pic,) you can see the khaki colored target stand, that's 25 yds +/- a yard. Way in the background you can see a small pair of ceders, from the wood frame attached to the oak to them is 100 yds. If I shoot through the area I'm standing from the corner of my driveway all the way to the back fence, (behind the ceders,) is 200 yds. Impossible to do in the spring and summer until the grass is cut.


For those that asked.

Some of my friends over at the #GBC chat asked me about the grips on my 1911 after I mentioned that I had engraved them for a bit of personal flair. Well here you go guys.

I apologize for the flash but the lighting is too yellow without it.

Anyway, they aren't that well done, as you can plainly see I'm a rank amateur. This is the first time I've tried to engrave wood, (my usual work in wood when doing things like this is woodburning), oh well. Enjoy.



Well boys and girls, grab a cold one, kick up your feet and welcome to the party.


Some history of John Moses Browning.

Crucis has a great article posted for anyone wanting to know more about JMB. It's a must read.


Sometimes suspicions pay off.

It has been said before that the only weapon you have is your brain and everything else is just a tool.

Well one person used the weapon he had and then put it to use with the proper tools for the situation, in this case a cell phone and a car.

That's two more punks off the streets (for awhile at least).


Greetings to the Holy Land.

Ya know, if God loved me it would be one of the nice young ladies from the IDF.

Yeah right! Like I could get that lucky.

Hmmm...That's odd.

It's almost like Missouri isn't a safe place to be a criminal.

"Holdup victim kills robber along Dunn Road

A man who was robbed at gunpoint in Hazelwood on Tuesday night fought back and shot the robber to death, police say.

The victim of the holdup pulled his own gun and fatally shot the robber at about 8:40 p.m. Tuesday on a street in Hazelwood.
Yet there was still someone getting full-on PSH over it.
"Richard Garger, 71, who lives on Eagles Way Court about a half-block from the shooting, said he heard eight shots.
'What are the odds of two guys with guns walking down the street?' he said. 'It’s like the Old West.'
Well I'd say it was a damned good thing that the victim had a gun. It just means there's one less little punk running around trying to add his own tally to the crime rate.

Via TotC sending the story to JayG, original here.


It warms my heart...

To see another little punk get one upped by his intended victim. Not only that but the neighborhood seems pretty well thrilled with the results.

Via Armed Citizen.

They just don't make em like they used to.

Well I just finished cleaning my late Grandpa's old .22. It still functioned flawlessly but here's the kicker, it had 40+ years worth of residue built up in the action. I was sweeping chunks of that stuff out of the action and off the working bits (was waiting for Jimmy Hoffa to come rolling out,) yet the dang thing still shot better than a lot of newer .22 LR's I've seen and I'd like to see a lot of newer rifles function at all with that much crud in them.

It's not special in any way other than it was Grandpa's rifle. Other than that it's just an old Western Auto Supply Revelation 120 made by Marlin, more or less the same in action to the model 60 but externally it looks a lot like the old model 99's.

But...time for a memory.

I do have a bit of a statement to make though to start. Any person who thinks you can't kill a turkey with a .22LR from over 200 yds away with iron sights, all I have to say is "you're a liar" and you can quote me on that. I know cause I was standing next to Grandpa when he shot it and I'm the one that walked across the field to retrieve it, 2 shots 2 lethal hits, one through the neck and one through the head, with this very rifle. Granted he had a lot of practice hitting what he was aiming at, that's the way he grew up. You went out with so many rounds of ammo and you either came back with that much game or the difference in game and ammo, you didn't waste bullets plain and simple and if you missed, well, the extra chores would teach ya not to.

UPDATE: After talking with my dad I found out exactly how old this rifle is. Grandpa bought it new from Western Auto when dad was about 5 so it's about 50 years old now and Grandpa paid the sum total of about $30 for it, that's gonna be another family heirloom just like the old single-shot 12ga.

UPDATE 2: A link for some history on the models.


Walkabout in Sitemeter.

Hi Tam.

Border Security...That's USAF not DHS.

OldNFO has a post up about the new AZ immigration law that allows their LEO's to help curb the problem. That law has also spawned a tidal wave of hate from the people that profit off of illegal aliens (DNC etc. I'm looking at you). Well OldNFO fielded the suggestion of using Reaper UAV's to patrol the border and take down any illegals seen with weapons, here's why it would work (look at the bottom of the page under 'Armament').

I can see the nose-art for it, a photo of Gandalf saying "You shall not pass!!" now that's border security I like.