You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Best laid plans.

I fully intended to write more this week after I finished working Tuesday morning. However, lazy is not just a lack of action, it's my lifestyle. Besides that I got word the afternoon of the 25th that a friend of mine had started contractions. I was eagerly awaiting sharing my B-day with the new rug monkey. And everyday since. He, however, had other plans. He arrived yesterday evening, happy and healthy. Meh, close enough. Well played kiddo.


Thirty two years and counting.

Can't hardly believe I'm 32 today. Doesn't seem that long ago that I graduated HS. I've now been out of school as long as I spent in it. Being that I graduated on my 18th in 1999. Don't seem right. Just thinking back makes it seem like yesterday.


Sh*t Just Got Real...Update.

House Bill 436 passed both chambers of the General Assembly by veto-proof majorities. Next play in this game goes to you Guvnah. BTW, in case you didn't already know Mr. Nixon. We're playing for keeps, you can pass that along to your commie and cartel loving buddy Obummer too.


A Thought for the gun-control pansies.

Can also be titled: Bill Maher Is A Moron.

Rated PG.45, because JMB said so.

This post is geared toward those that seem to think of us right-wing, bitter clingers as some sort of stupid, cousin-humping, rednecks. Firstly, my IQ is 130 as an average. Which puts it about 129 points above yours Bill. Second, you haven't met me or any of my cousins. Thirdly, in the words of your generation, Up yours.

Anyone that doesn't think like a syphilitic donkey on crack, can safely pass by without regrets. Unless you really wanna read this, then by all means stay and read. However this is going to be abusive, in the same way a triphammer is abusive. NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED. Unless you're a pinko, commie, douchenozzle, then I don't care. Ya hear? I don't care if you get offended you fuzzy-bunny, beta males. You wanted me angry? *POOF* WISH GRANTED!