You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Good Insight.

My fellow blogger, Old_NFO has a great post up with a message from his friend's friend. The message gives a great insight as to what exactly the military does that the mediafail here in the states refuses to report on.



is the global warming I was promised?


This shit is getting old fast.


I think...

That we need to herd the sheep people out of the streets and into conference rooms. That way they can be made to listen when real experts, rather than paid shills, tell them that there is nothing to fear HERE from the nuke reactor in Japan. (Apart from some unforeseen chain of events will there ever be anything to worry too much about. It's crisis management in action folks!) But I can also see the headlines to that suggestion: "Right-wing Terrorists Kidnap Masses in an Attempt to Make Them Think." Failing that I'd settle for either shut-up or find something else to harp on. I'm getting a headache from all the radioactive B.S. blowing my way.


There goes my days off.

Anyone who knows me would probably describe me as a gamer at some point along the way. Well there is a reason for that, because this is how I'll be spending my days off this week starting 12:00 AM Tuesday morning. Go, read, enjoy, I'll wait.

Back? Cool.

Killing invading commies, yeah that has been done before. But. This time you get dropped into the skin of an "everyman" rather than some government created super-soldier. What I ask you, could be more wholesome and American than that? Well, besides baseball and Mom's apple pie? That's exactly what we're fighting for here people! It looks great in the videos and I'm also glad to see another game out there to compete with Call of Duty and Medal of Honor for best FPS game with something that still has that "new car smell." I can't wait to play it.


Seven Things.

Got tagged by Snarky for the 7 things people might not know about you meme/Stylish Blogger Award. Rules are simple, tell the world 7 things people might not know about you and then tag 15 more bloggers, well that part will be difficult since almost everyone of the bloggers I can think of off the top of my head have already been tagged. Most of mine is boring old High School stuff. Anyway here goes.

1. I played football my Sr. year of High School, ended up developing a hernia that just about a year later got me medically discharged from the Army. Pretty much as soon as I showed up to the Reception Bn. go figure?!

2. I nearly didn't graduate HS on time. I failed my first semester of English III and being my Sr. year and one of the last of the required credits I needed to graduate. I had to pay to take a correspondence course in order to get that half credit on the books. The reason/my excuse: the first semester was dedicated to my most "meh" parts of the study of the English language, first quarter - sentence structure/outlining/study thereof and second quarter - poetry and the breakdown and study thereof.
In my defense I'll say this, I'm a blunt kind of guy most of the time. If I said it then I meant it, nothing between the lines and no further study is typically needed. Therefore I don't study the stuff myself, the end, full stop.

3. I never studied a lot in school, I just winged it most of the time, my only problem is that grades were based more on homework than tests...I still tested in the top 10% of the nation on nearly all my achievement tests(which I found to be ridiculously easy) from upper elementary forward. That also had drawbacks in that the next set of teachers would look at those scores and automatically expect me to like homework or something. The fools. Just because I'm a nerd doesn't make me that kind of nerd. Not all nerds are created equal.

4. Things people can say to me that will undeniably piss me off - call me stupid or insult my family. You can insult me all-day-long and get into neither of those two categories and you'll get a smile. Delve into that deep end of the pool and...well, did I mention that I can hold a grudge like no one else? Never forget that society will prolly collapse one day and the rules of such go out the window. Have a Nice Apocalypse!

5. Getting to that last item. IQ: 129, tested once. Maybe higher or lower now but that was about a decade ago. Not as smart as some, not nearly as stupid as others and there are a lot of subjects that completely leave me stumped. As the saying goes though: "Rocket science isn't even rocket science."

6. I'm a big teddy bear, seriously...stop laughing! My idea of a date is cuddled up on a couch with my date, a movie and a pizza. Hopefully she likes to cuddle,... and pizza. Other than that, shooting range here we come, and she can just cuddle up to my armory. Either one I find sexy, both is even better.... Ok, so I'm a big redneck teddy bear, sue me.

7. I am only about a credit or two shy of being a certified precision machinist. Took some of those elective credits I had saved up by the time Jr. and Sr. years rolled around and took a Vo-Tech course the first half of the day for those last 2 years. That class also gave me another subject I dislike...Trigonometry: Math's version of a rattlesnake, screw with it and it'll bite you.

That about wraps it up, as I said, I won't tag anyone cause most everyone I know already did it or they don't seem the type to waste pixels. If you want to do it and blame me, be my guest.

UPDATE: Seems Wilson tagged me too about the same time as Snarky...dang I'm getting popular. Make that 6 regular readers. :)

Yeah I know...

I said that I would try to post more. But.  I had a bit of a SHTF moment only a few hours after my last post in January. Most of my readers...all 5 of you, probably already know about it if you were in GBC the week or so following. For those that don't follow the chat in GBC I'll post more after all is said and done.