You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Guess this explains the last post.

You are 12% hippie.
Ok, you conservative soul. Do you even believe in global warming? Loosen that necktie a little, and try some organic food. It actually does taste better. And go to a farmer's market--they're fun.

Are you a hippie?
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I'm curious as to how I scored that high... ehh. *shrug*

H/T to Christina.


It didn't just kick over my gigglebox...

It broke it open. Most people think I don't care much for the whole neohippie culture...they're right.


Take a remote controlled Heavy Machine Gun.

Add an UBER HOT, IDF troopie and you get: this.

Ahem. Welcome back...yeah, I want one of my very own too.

H/T to Farmdad linking in the GBC.

I really do scare myself.


My Conservative Identity:

You are a Freedom Crusader, also known as a neoconservative. You believe in taking the fight directly to the enemy, whether it’s terrorists abroad or the liberal terrorist appeasers at home who give them aid and comfort.
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"Honestly officer, I don't know where that shotgun came from."

H/T to Orangeneck.



I never thought that:

I write like
Stephen King
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You really do learn something new everyday, even about yourself and even if it scares you.

H/T to Breda, Alan, and Orangeneck.

Let us see here.

See if you can follow my logic on this and tell me if it makes sense or not.

Modern "progressive" activists in the 20-30 something range, are the children and potentially grand-children of the hateful, spiteful, socialist, anti-war movement from the 60's and 70's - i.e. Hippies. Hummm. Well that explains the altered mental state quite well actually. It's probably been said before but I can't remember. Though I do believe I'm onto something here. Nevermind, carry on with that which you were doing.


Back, more or less. Prolly less.

Well desktop is still f***ed. Running my Mom's laptop at the moment (Thanks Mom) so I at least have interwebz and emailz. Though the lack of games is going to be interesting, thank G-d I bought the PS3 last year or I'd be going insane right about now. But. It (the laptop) can't run the PC games I have (at least not well), or the ones that are due to be released that I've been waiting for.  GRRRRRR.

Oh well getting money saved takes time and I can make due till then or till I can figure what part of my other one took the poison pill. Or until I put a 230gr. slug through its processor and put it out of MY misery, whichever happens first.

BTW, email now on sidebar. JRebel now with 100% more contactability.



Posting will be even lighter than normal for awhile. At least till I can afford a new desktop. The comp I've been running and upgrading for nearly 10 years finally decided to bite the big one. Too bad too, it was a good comp and I've had few complaints with it till now. Dammit.

On another note. Governor Nixon signed HB 1692 into law on Monday it's effective date is 8/28/10. Now the phrase "TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT" gets a whole new meaning. The relevant part is:

(5) Specifies that an individual who owns or leases private
property may use deadly force against a person who unlawfully
enters, remains after unlawfully entering, or attempts to
unlawfully enter the property. The owner or lessor of the
private property does not have a duty to retreat from the
property (Sections 563.011 and 563.031);


Gear review 1.0

If any of you use optics on your firearms or even iron sights that aren't quite tuned at the factory then you already know the problems associated with getting them zeroed. The main problem isn't so much getting the sights lined up as it is getting them close enough to get the shots on paper where you can start adjusting. Well I always had this problem too, that's why about 6 or 7 years ago I bought the Laserlyte laser boresight and having just replaced the batteries for the first time, I thought I'd offer this review. IT F*&^#@G ROCKS, HARD!!! Using this on the .30-06 you see in the header above at 100yds I just put the crosshairs on the dot and went from there, that is exactly where the bullets went when I shot my group.

So if you are having difficulty getting your shots on paper to get your sighting system of choice lined up, get one. It's the best 40 bucks you'll spend. Not to mention the savings in ammo for more fun things, like putting holes in paper or fur-bearing critters, whichever floats your boat.  Much love Laserlyte, thanks for making such great products.

*FTC disclaimer - Go piss up a rope. I bought it, it wasn't given to me.


It really is a convenience store.

Noticed other bloggers discussing weird alcohol related laws. That got me to thinking about one of the package stores here in town.

Where this popular term, is absolutely true.

Lemme see, how long has it been since I said 'I love Missouri'.

Salute to Tam for that post, it was the inspiration.


It's Black. It's Tactical.

And it's an old reliable design. My contribution to the Ebil Black Rifle class.

I present to you the Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Tacticool.

Cue the ARAKSKS fanboys and girls. IN, 3...2...1.

New gun PR0N forthcoming.

Was going to do it a few weeks ago but I was more worried about my long work week. Stay tuned.


It truly is Independence Day.

I can hear it all around the property as I sit on the porch here at work, that distinctive pop and crackle of fireworks. Pretty sure I heard some rifle, pistol and shotgun fire too. Given that warfare is how we got this holiday, as long as they aren't just popping rounds off into the air and are using a proper backstop then I say - go nuts. I could listen to that sound all night long, it's the Sound of Freedom.

Happy Birthday America.

234 years old and still kicking.


Another Quick thought, and my first QOTD.

Larry Correia of MHI fame, hits one right off the F%&*@#G planet.

Meanwhile, a bunch of left wing hoodlums are burning stuff at the G-20, just like they do. Every. Single. Year. Why is it that the media is so deathly afraid of us right wingers being violent, though we hardly ever are, yet lefties and socialists shut down a city for a week every year and nobody notices because it’s so ho-hum. It’s probably because if a single local Tea-Party got into a mood we could overthrow a small country. My side doesn’t screw around. When we get violent, we go big or we go home. I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy.

"I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy."


Quick Thought.

Don't screw with my Mom if she's holding a 1911. The woman is deadly accurate.