You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


It's like a wreck looking for a place to happen.

Jumped on the interwebz to do a bit of browsing and this little gem of a headline caught my eye. Seems that some people think this is somehow new just because of Barry O and company getting to use the power granted to them by us. Here's a news flash for the MSM, militias have been around since the Revolutionary War. They were the ones responsible for many of the more successful actions conducted against the British during the war. Perhaps you may have heard of "The shot heard 'round the world" that was the militia as we had no standing army at that time. On into the War Between the States which was fought mainly by state militias that banded together under a few leaders that took orders from their respective governments.

Some would call it "Every peasant with a rifle," I call it a duty, it is my duty to dissent when a few would seek to subvert the limited powers they have been asked to wield in an effort to gain more. I say that anyone not willing to fight when all else has failed is not a citizen, they are a subject depending on someone else to do the right thing. That isn't freedom that's being subservient, around here we call it bootlicking. Every citizen of this country is a militia unto themselves and all are equal, no one "law-abiding citizen" is any more important than another and I don't care what title you might have achieved.

There is a major difference among many citizens though, some like the talking heads on the TV and politicians in DC, might "voice" their support or dissent of my rights but if necessary I'd fight for their right to do so. This is because I am a citizen and thus I am a militia of one and my commander is a piece of parchment now more than 200 years old. It is the base upon which this country rests, thanks to those brave few that stood shaking their fists and not much else (not to mention balls big enough to fill a dump truck) in the face of tyranny. Who would have thought that a few farmers and shopkeepers with rifles could defeat the most powerful army on the planet but they did*. Love our country and its guiding principles or shut the F*** up.

* Just a heads up, it can happen again if we don't keep a tight reign on our politicians.


New Gun Friday.

Was browsing at one of the local "Merchants of Death" today and just couldn't say no to this. So I give you Summer CCW.

Used price was $319.99 on the tag which put it $75 less than the new Taurus that was hanging next to it and the differences were minimal. 5-shot .38SPL +P and polished to the point it looks nickel plated. Shoots good too. 15 shots from 10', 15', and 21' at a 10" paper plate, 15 holes in paper and that was the first 15 shots from a snubbie I've fired. I call it a win.


Buy A Gun Day...Sorta.

Well I opted not to make a purchase for B.A.G.D. I'm thinking I will wait a week or two and get a bit more money in the ol' checking account, this will serve two purposes. 1. I will have more money left in my account after the purchase. 2. I can up the price range a bit, given that selection around here is limited.

I have sorta made up my mind though as to what I want, looking to get a smallish 9mm or .38 Spl for summer CCW duty vs the Govt. model 1911. Something in the $250-$300 range shouldn't be a problem and it will still have enough punch to do the job it needs to do.


Working toward a month now....

And they still haven't found any evidence.

Jumped on the interwebz after getting home from work and found this gem.

Now you would think after all this time, plus the $100k for the United Negro College Fund, someone would have found the evidence by now. As we say on the GBC "pix or it didn't happen," well in this case Audio/Video or IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. I believe at this point we can justifiably call bullshit. The Dumbicrats are gonna say whatever they want anyway and until the media stops kissin' their asses they will get all the air-time they want too.


Before I forget,

Happy Easter Everyone.

Status update.

Seeing as I have been remiss in posting frequently. I decided to let my 2 faithful readers know I am still alive and kicking. Things have been a bit hectic lately, between preparing to switch shifts at work and aiding my sister and brother-in-law with their move into my late grandfather's house, I have been pretty preoccupied. Now that that's all done I should be back to a more normal schedule.

P.S. I had a rant in the works for the fisting 'o' the taxpayers that is 0bamacare. Given that I'm still pretty well irate on the subject and others have made many the same points, as well as some recent events, I think it best not to try and work my way up to the top of the Alphabet Soup of the .Gov hitlist.