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Doing blog rounds, read this.

There are a few things wrong with this case. Namely Holder and Obama remain unpunished for THEIR crimes. This family should never have been charged with any crime, especially when the only crime they seem to have committed, was trusting that bureaucratic tangle of BS known as BATFE. Which coincidentally has the power to strip them of their livelihood for forgetting to dot an i on a piece of paper let alone failing to cooperate in their ILLEGAL investigation. So as long as Obama, Holder and the rest of the justice department along with the entire BATFE and anyone else that supported them remains unpunished then they cannot seek to prosecute this family for crimes committed by this corrupt regime. Obama's justice..."Nothing to see here, but look over there, someone we can bully." F***ing commie bastards.

Black Magic Trio.

Since I seem to have not posted any gun pr0n in awhile. Here you go.

For those that don't know...

Top: Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle-Tactical, 5.56mm NATO. W/ 4x Bushnell duplex scope and stud mounted bipod (and just to piss off the antis, a nearly new 30rd mag). AKA, a poodle shooter that isn't picky about what ammo it eats.

Middle: Mossberg Maverick 88, 12 gauge. 6 rds of 00 buck, 'nuff said.

Bottom: Taurus PT1911, .45 ACP. It isn't a Colt but it still puts 45 caliber holes in things that I want to go away. Just for shits-n-giggles the grips I bought a couple months ago featuring a semi-topless female with an eyepatch and an attitude. Tough favorite.


Dude, WTF?

   So I've been reading about the shit-storm that the purveyor of "smoke and thunder" is causing in the gunnie blogiverse. I only have one thing to say to them...DUDE!!! Really? You've made it your mission in life to insult and berate a group of people. (Using myself as the lowest common denominator.) That has an average IQ that falls squarely in "Above Average" territory, with what I am absolutely certain has a few people that qualify for Mensa memberships among us. You've gotta be crazy to pick a fight with people that are not only armed in the literal sense but also armed and dangerous in the mental sense. Supremely capable of doing a Vulcan mindf**k on you and making you like it. Not to mention the lambasting you get everytime you open your virtual piehole. (As Lawdog would prolly say.) "You daft git." My advise for "smoke and thunder" is simply this, take it or leave it, cut your losses before you do something even more stupid. Seriously, we hate getting into battles of wit with the unarmed.


Oh Really?

Well I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Also: Since I have noticed others talking about the word verification system blogger is using and the related difficulty in getting readable images. I have changed to the no verification needed option as well and moderation on posts 14 days old and older. Hope that helps everyone out, not that I really get any interesting conversations going on here anyway.


Doing a bit of thinking.

   So I figured I would share some random thoughts and rants that have been rattling around my head. Since they finally coalesced into something that from which, some form of reason can be distinguished.

   I was thinking about how we as a nation have slipped so far from our founding principles. Then I realized that the problem lies deeper than that, in that we as humans have come so far as to take natural selection out of the equation. To elaborate, we no longer need fear the night because we have developed tools to push back the darkness, from fire to torches to flashlights to night vision. We don't have to fear hunger because we have developed ways to take small amounts of resources and turn them into vast quantities of the same resources provided and spread them around. Now some will say that people still go hungry and to a certain extent that is true. This brings me to my next point.

   Skills and will: I never have to fear hunger because I have the skills needed to not only feed myself but several others as well but in certain conditions you must also have the will to put those skills to a use they were not designed for. Many nowadays not only lack the skills they lack the will or more importantly the need to use them beyond moving fork to mouth. These people we refer to as dependents of the system, as I can think of no group softer yet more determined to make everyone else just like them. They not only lack the skills needed to better themselves, they lack the will to do anything for themselves. Not even them having to raise a finger and do even the modest amount of work needed to put food on the table. Beyond telling others what to do, even that's too much like work to these people. This makes them weak and we all know they hate thinking of themselves as weak. Which brings me back around to the start.

   The lack of natural selection in humans. Since we no longer need to fight and claw for every mouthful of food, we now have people solely dependant on what is provided by others. For this advancement of our abilities to shape the world around us we are now shackled by the sad state of affairs that allow these people not only to live but thrive, not only thrive but breed. Creating another generation of people that the rest of us have to support because in most cases the parents feed their children a steady diet of, "You don't have to, someone else will do it for you." You don't see this in groups some consider to be lower lifeforms. Because those lower lifeforms know by instinct that if they don't get up off their asses they will either starve or be a meal for something else that doesn't look down on giving natural selection a helping hand like we humans do. The only difference between us and them is many of us went soft a millennium or more ago and they just kept working at it. Only our tools let us survive the nights as it is. Contrary to belief we humans still have natural predators. Ourselves. Which any cop worth their salt can tell you, they have to see the results on a daily basis. And no, they are still not required to protect you personally, only clean up the mess afterward.

   As for a point to all this, it's pretty simple. Quit trying to make me work my ass off for you and I both. Then turn around and tell me that I'm not allowed to protect myself from the predators among us, as well as you too. You worthless bastards, get your own life and stay out of mine, that means all of it.

< /rant> 


It's gonna kick so much ass it should have feet.

Two words: Chuck Norris. Your arguement has been rendered invalid.