You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Memorial Day.

The flag still flies high for freedom, thanks to the fallen.

"All gave some, some gave all."


A number ending in zero.

I intended to get this post up a couple days ago for the actual event. But. I spend most of my days off asleep and/or in some form of self induced waking coma, usually involving a TV and copious amounts of snack foods. To cut to the chase, I hit the big 30 on Wed. and you know what? My parents were right, once you reach a certain age it really is just another day. So Happy Birthday to me. But alas it's off to work for me this evening to work a 48hr shift over the weekend and holiday. Should be a good check so I'll call it a late B-Day present from my employer.


Those crazy Missourians and their crazy gun laws.

HB 294 drew one step closer to becoming law today when the House approved the Senate amendment(s) and thus Truly Agreed and Finally Passed the bill. Next step Governor Nixon's desk. Barring Gov. Nixon wishing to join the ranks of the unemployed at the next election, signing would be in his best interest.

Update: Changed link to the Truly Agreed and Finally Passed summary rather than the previous summary of the Senate committee.


Finally found it.

Video of the Medal of Valor award ceremony for Missouri Officers. The reason I post this is because Sgt. Ball of the Dent Co. Sheriff's Office is a friend of mine. He was also the assistant instructor at my CCW class. He told me and several others about the ceremony and the story behind his receipt of the medal not long ago and I've been looking for some footage ever since. I couldn't be more proud of him and the other officers on that stage. Some of them have truly harrowing stories they shared with him.


Bang! Ur Dead!

Found as soon as I hit Yahoo this morning.  Gotcha you bastard!