You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Since I don't wish to be the only one with high blood-pressure this morning.

I give you these gems.

First. One of the GRE's calls hi-jinks, and rightfully so, on a story from a Commercial Appeal op-ed, commie, liberal douche-bag.

Then JayG gives us this story about a woman driving while suspended. She wrecked her car while---get this---SHAVING HER "BIKINI AREA", this goes well beyond OMG and lands squarely in WTF were you thinking territory.

Then we get the link to this little gem from cybrus in the GBC chat. Title of the letter is Laws reflect times. The truly sad thing is the reported stats, this person is running off of, from the VPC and Brady Bunch are a load of bunk extrapolated from whole cloth. They're intended solely to make it look like they are right when they can't get real data to back them up. This among some other stories guaranteed to give you a headache.

Last and certainly the least Paul Helmke, one of the overly opinionated bags of hot-air from the Brady Bunch, writes a story for the LA TIMES. It seems Paul thinks that gun owners are as dangerous as tainted food now. Well Paul I have news for you we're not even close, you want dangerous groups...try looking at street gangs who, guess what, ARE NOT LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS.


The differences are telling.

Having spent the majority of my time the last two days perusing the Amici Curiae briefs submitted in McDonald v Chicago. I have noticed an extreme difference in the "groups" filing said documents.

Those that support McDonald seem to carry a great deal of clout in the area of what is and isn't part of the constitution, what with groups as diverse as a bi-partisan majority of Congress, Attorneys General for 38 states and one from State Legislators. Included are a host of independent groups as diverse as the CATO Institute and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Most of these organizations have dedicated a substantial portion of their existence to the Constitution and its guarantees.

Those that support Chicago, well, not so much. You can check out the differing opinions and read all the briefs as well as news reports here.