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Target Down.

Well since nearly every blog I read has posted pictures of their targets, I thought I'd get into the game too. These are the targets from my CCW class, at least the ones I qualified on. The practice target had more holes than could be easily counted.

This is from my Ruger 9mm. I kinda pushed that first shot a bit, hence the hole in the 8 ring. The key is SIGHT ALIGNMENT and TRIGGER CONTROL folks, don't rush your shots.

This is from the .38 Special borrowed from one of the deputies I know who was functioning as one of the RSO's (the Sheriff's Office firearms instructor was giving the class so I knew at least 2 people in there). Since state law says we must qualify with both semi-auto and revolver with at least 20 shots each. I think only one person failed to qualify out of all.

Not bad considering that's the first 20 shots I've ever fired from a S&W .38 DA revolver.


Heath said...

I assume that because you completed the class you also gained your CCW? Congrats, if you did so.

I'm moving back to MO the end of this month from CA and can't wait to be back home where I can carry again! I've got a Utah permit so I'll be able to carry while I work on obtaining my MO permit.

JRebel said...

Well let me be the first to welcome you back home. Yes, I did obtain my permit. Process is fairly easy: CCW Class - $70.00, Permit Fees - $100.00, MO Non-driver ID - $11.00, Telling hoplophobes to SUCK IT - Priceless.