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OK, I'm back.

The week before last I was laying low due to the crappy connection from the snow so internet travels were limited. But on to the matter at hand.

As some already know last Tuesday I lost my grandfather, the services were today. They were short and to the point just the way he wanted them, but it was a nice service anyway with a longtime friend of the family officiating. He didn't want a military funeral though he could have been accorded one yet the folded flag was present at the head of the casket which my Mother and Father received. It will receive a wood and glass case as soon as I get the materials to make it, (one of the many things my Grandpa taught me was carpentry). I will miss him as will the entire family. The grandsons, myself included, were the pallbearers along with several honorary ones that included my nephew. Not the first time I've performed that duty and honor though I do hope that it is the last, last time was for my Grandma 2 years ago but they are together again now, I know Grandpa missed her alot. Many of my friends on the web gave thoughts and prayers and I appreciate them all, Thank you.

I have a post or two in the works I wanted to get to sometime ago so I will go work on them. Once again I would like to thank those of you that wished us well it means alot.

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