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Warning - Rated R.

First off I'll mention that everything below the page break will be Rated R and therefore should not be viewed by anyone under the age of maturity in their location. Furthermore it should not be viewed by anyone that is squeamish about use of harsh language.

The reason you ask? Well you can find that here.

To the woman in question, good for you. I applaud your actions taken against this jack-booted-Nazi-thug in blue gloves and feel every traveller should do the same thing as soon as they get within arms reach of these fast-food-restaurant rejects.

Now, for the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters out there. Fuck you, you sycophantic little fuck-stains on the bedsheets of America. Go fuck yourselves with a flaming-forty-foot-barbwire-dildo. If you little shit-stains can grope every person that wanders through your line then guess what, we can do it to you, you fucking fuck sticks. You think you are special because you have that little plastic badge on, you're not. You are a civilian just like everyone else in this country that isn't on ACTIVE DUTY with the military. Let that sink in real good so I only have to say this once. YOU ARE NOT SOME HIGHER BEING. You are a shit stain on the otherwise tidy whites of American Law Enforcement. You're lower on the L.E. totem pole than the nearest mall cop, so stop acting like you are special. If you can get your jollies by bullying and trampling the rights of Americans then do not be surprised when we decide to trample back, that is OUR RIGHT. You are an after thought to our day because the local panhandlers deserve our respect more than you. You got all that, you are civilians just like that woman you assaulted, and millions more like her, you are not special. Then you had the unmitigated gall to see her hauled off in handcuffs because she did the very thing to you that you did to her and others. Well guess what? You're next my little cupcakes, because all of you, every single last one of you; rubber-glove-wearing, civil-rights-trampling, child-molesting, shit-cocks....everyone of you should be in prison right now serving life or awaiting death for the civil rights violations you have committed against the traveling public. GO FUCK YOURSELVES YOU FLAMING FUCK WEASELS.

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Anonymous said...

well put!! unfortunately nothing will be done about it. They seem to think the constitution allows for them to do it