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Black Magic Trio.

Since I seem to have not posted any gun pr0n in awhile. Here you go.

For those that don't know...

Top: Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle-Tactical, 5.56mm NATO. W/ 4x Bushnell duplex scope and stud mounted bipod (and just to piss off the antis, a nearly new 30rd mag). AKA, a poodle shooter that isn't picky about what ammo it eats.

Middle: Mossberg Maverick 88, 12 gauge. 6 rds of 00 buck, 'nuff said.

Bottom: Taurus PT1911, .45 ACP. It isn't a Colt but it still puts 45 caliber holes in things that I want to go away. Just for shits-n-giggles the grips I bought a couple months ago featuring a semi-topless female with an eyepatch and an attitude. Tough favorite.


Heath said...

Why a Mini-14 over an AR?

JRebel said...

Got the Mini a couple of years ago when it was about half the price of what AR's were selling for around here. At the time the Mini cost me about 700, but decent AR's were priced between 1000 and 1600 everywhere I looked locally. Now that the price has come down on AR's again I'm still looking at getting one once I have a few other things taken care of.