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Quick Question.

Why would my 1911 be dinging the case mouth on every stinking cartridge?

I apologize for the picture quality, my phone only zooms at 1.2 mp or less not at 2.0 mp.

Anyway I highlighted the ding in the center case and you can see the ding in the case to the right. Any ideas and fixes would be welcome.

UPDATE: The port for this pistol is lowered and flared. The dinged brass is a new occurrence as I haven't seen brass from it like this before and the only recent mods have been external since I last fired it.


Farm.Dad said...

That is common on a gi pattern 1911 , and one of the reasons that most models today feature an opened up or " revealed " ejection port that is somewhat cut down the side of the slide . compare your slide to some some others and you will likely find you have a smaller ejection port.

JRebel said...

This one is the lowered and flared ejection port, identical as near as I can tell to the one on my Taurus. I'll update post with a picture.