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Food for thought. High blood pressure edition.

Just finished listening to The Squirrel Report from Friday. I had a thought after listening to everyone describe the cars now vs the cars we had.

   My first car was a 1987 Mercury Lynx with an A/T and a 1.9L, 4-cyl engine. Now granted the 4-banger is a pretty economic engine in itself but the fact they are touting newer cars as some of the most fuel efficient ever is utter crap, the only way most of the ones that still burn gas get that way is by using plastic and carbon fiber as the primary structural components. However...This, on the other hand:

Pic found HERE.*

   This pile of rolling scrap metal got ~30 MPG highway and no less than 25 MPG city, with over 200,000 miles on it. With a drive train that wasn't designed to last past 100k. I know you're gonna say, "Well duh." Simple description on how I drove that car: I drove it like I stole it. At the time what I spent on it was less than a week's pay. If I tore it up, no big loss, I buy another one with the next check. I drove that car hard for almost 3 years before it finally started having more mechanical issues than it was worth to get fixed. Beyond that it had a metal body, not something you're gonna find on pretty much anything that claims to be uber efficient these days, not in this class anyway.

   I coulda crashed that little 80's econobox into a newer econobox, other than the smart car, and still been able to drive it to the mechanic afterward. Provided of course ala smart cars, (that over-weight, plastic, waste of a shoebox) didn't have the 9-ton unobtainium roll cage it wouldn't even rate as a hood ornament. Which in turn might be good for the illusion of safety but makes the car weigh 3 times as much as that itty-bitty thing should. Which screws the fuel economy. Unlike my Lynx which was a uni-body with internal steel supports and weighed exactly 2,100lbs without the wheels and tires. Although it could hold 5 people rather than 2. Now... you little tofu-eating,  Gaia-fellating, PETA-petting, pinko-commie pricks, tell us again how the new cars are soooooooooo much better than the old ones? F**ktards.

*While not my car exactly, it is similar. Mine was the 2-door hatchback, with 14" steel rims rather than the standard 13" rims like this one. Mine also looked a lot rougher, same color though.


Weetabix said...

Shouldn't that, technically, be "Gaia-cunnilingating"?

JRebel said...

Meh, I don't research my insults, I just fling em.

JRebel said...

And let em stick to who ever wants to get all butt-hurt about em.