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Guaranteed to generate some level of hate.

Both from Anti-freedom groups and a couple bloggers I know of in Massachusetts. Why? Because FREE state.

My two NEW 30rd Tapco mags for my Mini-14.

  Been debating with myself for awhile on whether or not to try a couple of these out since they are about 1/3 the price of 30rd Ruger mags. You can see I decided to go for it. Although just like every other 30rd mag I have tried you can only get them to feed the first round properly with 29 rds or less, I usually go with 28 rds. These (thankfully) are the Gen 2 mags with the steel support in the front of the mag where the retaining pin inserts into the hole and is the most likely spot to wear out on this rifle's mags. I'd also like to mention the no-tilt follower is a nice feature (and a change from the usual with the factory mags as well as the steel Promags). Seriously, you can push down either on the front or back of the follower and the whole thing goes into the body of the mag, so far the no-tilt part is as advertised. The rest, however, will have to wait and see once I get my swinging steel target put up on the Rebel Range. If I can get the cheap russian ammo to ring it consistently at 100yds that'll be well within Minute-Of-Badguy, if I can get the scope to cooperate.

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