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So they don't like Beauty Contestants wearing bikinis huh? NSFW.

Just read about the Islamonazis in Islamesia protesting the fact that the Miss World contestants wear bikinis....duh dumbshits, it's a fucking beauty contest. We can't tell if they have the goods if they are wearing a fucking burka you ignorant savages. Anyway, fuck you because...'Merica. See my further response below the page break, NSFW.

H/T to The Daley Gator

Ohh thats gonna sting, a double fuck you to the islamonazis. A good Celtic girl with nice tits.
Btw, to any NSAFBICIADODDHS drones reading this....FUCK YOU TOO!


Anonymous said...

not quite sure how I got here on your blog but hi! I noticed she has a nice cross necklace, is that what you were aiming for to irritate the boys that give God the brown eye 5 times a day?

Anonymous said...

Well now this site is like a breath of fresh air. Liberals suck it too. Eat pork!