You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


My argument against Gun Control.

I know myself and just about everyone else in the gun blogging community have hit on all these points before in one way or another. However, they can bear repeating.

To the Gun Control Lovers:  
You teach others how to protest.
We teach people how to break up riots.

You take personal offense at being handed evidence that doesn't support your view.
We take evidence that doesn't support our view and drive aircraft carriers thru the holes in it.

You find a liar and parade them as a "bearer of truth".
We find "bearers of truth" and prove them to be liars.

You find useful idiots to prop up as heroes.
We have heroes that don't want the title.

You get a PhD in "Arts" and think you are a rocket scientist.
We teach PhD's in Rocket Science how to survive in the aftermath of an apocalypse .

And finally.

You tell people that they should surrender their dignity and be a victim.
We teach people how to make others surrender and not become a victim.

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