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Buy A Gun Day...Sorta.

Well I opted not to make a purchase for B.A.G.D. I'm thinking I will wait a week or two and get a bit more money in the ol' checking account, this will serve two purposes. 1. I will have more money left in my account after the purchase. 2. I can up the price range a bit, given that selection around here is limited.

I have sorta made up my mind though as to what I want, looking to get a smallish 9mm or .38 Spl for summer CCW duty vs the Govt. model 1911. Something in the $250-$300 range shouldn't be a problem and it will still have enough punch to do the job it needs to do.


Julie said...

I would love to be able to buy a gun, any gun, in that price range :(

Will be interested to hear what you end up with.

JRebel said...

Prices at the few shops around here are pretty reasonable. I could go out now and get a new Taurus 1911 for $550 if I wanted to get another Govt model. It's all in catching the shops with a good selection, which varies from week to week.