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My Field, AKA, My Target Range.

I've often bragged on GBC about being able to step outside anytime I want and pop off a few rounds. Here's why:

From where I was standing with the camera, (if you click to bigify the pic,) you can see the khaki colored target stand, that's 25 yds +/- a yard. Way in the background you can see a small pair of ceders, from the wood frame attached to the oak to them is 100 yds. If I shoot through the area I'm standing from the corner of my driveway all the way to the back fence, (behind the ceders,) is 200 yds. Impossible to do in the spring and summer until the grass is cut.


Brigid said...

Nice! I have to get further out, my neighbor's were giving me dirty looks every time I left the house with an assortment of gun cases and ammo cans.

JRebel said...

I don't have to worry too much about funny looks, except from my family. Mostly my mom with quips such as: "Going shooting, again?". Or my brother-in-law hollering from across the road "Did ya get it?". I love my family but they can be real smart-asses sometimes. :D

Kansas Scout said...

Having lived in Missouri for twenty years, some years back, it is always remarkable how lush and green it is there. Of course, it's not a drought year but generally, things grow well there. I miss it but I loves my Kansas too.
I miss shooting on my In Laws Farm in SE Mo.

What part of Mo. are you in?

JRebel said...

I'm SC not far from Current River.