You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Still breathing.

Well a lot has happened since my last post. The day before I made it I met a woman, after some time I fell in love with her and her two kids. She broke up with me on Christmas day to go back to the same guy that has treated her like crap for nearly 5 years but she keeps going back. I found this out a couple days later from a mutual friend. So don't expect too much out of me for right now. I know for New Year last time I said I would try to post more but life interceded. I don't think I'll make any promises this time.


Rauðbjorn said...

I feel you man. Good luck, and happy new year (it's gotta be beter than this one, right?).

JRebel said...

Let's hope.