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1911 Mk1 v1.02 proceeds.

Well the project I started awhile back proceeds apace, a slow pace but...

Sorry for the crappy quality, but its not that great a phone either.

So far upgrades from last time include new Novak carry rear sight. Front sight is my metal working skill and the finish is still ugly for now but the slide is getting Duracoat to finish things out anyway. Wilson checkered front strap. Last but not least a 3-slot steel compensator. More to follow.

I know some of you eschew giving firearms a name but I feel this one is deserving of one. I'm leaning toward The Zombinator any other thoughts are welcome in the comments.


RauĆ°bjorn said...

Looks like it should be called Robocolt.

Watchful said...

Personally, I think "Zombinator" suits it just fine!