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Hunting Guns.

One of a few dedicated hunting firearms that I own. The Marlin 336 .30-30. Ye Olde Bambi Zapper.


Caliber:                  .30-30 Winchester
Barrel Length:         20"
Capacity:                6+1
Weight:                   w/ scope, approx. 7lbs
Sights:                    Blade-bead hooded Front / Folding Notch Rear
Optics:                   Simmons 3-9x32 duplex reticule
Finish:                    Blued steel, American walnut forearm/stock

I bought this one using that dreaded "gunshow loophole" when I was about 16 for $150 not long after I passed my hunter safety course at school. I could have taken Grandpa up on the offer to do the same for me as he had done for my sister when she passed hers. I.E. let him buy an SKS for me since at the time you could get one here for about $80. I opted to buy my own rifle, cause I'm contrary like that. I wanted one just like the ones He, Dad and Mom use. The ubiquitous Marlin .30-30. So the hunt began, so to speak, and I started looking at all the various antique-collector shows and auctions that we went to to see if I could find one. About 6 months later I was sitting at home watching TV when Mom called and said she and Dad had found one I might like at the antique show they were set up at. I gave her the nod and she drove back out to the house to pick me up and off I went. About 20 minutes later I was looking at this beautiful little rifle and a bit of haggling later I picked it up for the above mentioned $150 (not real sure Mom and Dad hadn't been haggling before I got there) but either way I was lighter in the bank account but physically 7 lbs heavier. I haven't looked back since. I have a lot of guns that can take medium sized game (here in MO I can legally hunt deer with any single-projectile, centerfire cartridge) but this is always gonna be the first gun I ever bought myself. As they say, firearms are forever. Well, so are the memories, every scuff, scratch and ding in the finish tells a story and ya know...I'm happy with that.


J. Wilson said...

Great rifle and story! A .30-30 lever action is THE classic American deer gun. Congrats!

JRebel said...

Thanks J. Some people look down on the .30-30 in general, and I don't see why, yes it is an old cartridge design, and yes it isn't nearly as powerful as some of the newer rounds. But. There is something to be said for the meaty smack that a blunt-nosed 175gr bullet makes when it hits something.

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Anonymous said...

ahha sick Winchester! bud!