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I'll never understand women. Updated 4/27.

As some of you might have learned a week or two ago from my comment at Brigid's blog. I have an old girlfriend visiting from Europe. Fair warning. Some of the things I am going to talk about might make some of the more testosterone laden readers uncomfortable. Y'all are free to leave if you wish, no hard feelings.

For the rest of you, for the first few days that she's been here things were going along like we were still in high school and dating, except more talking. We couldn't seem to spend enough time with each other. Over the last few days though she's been keeping me at more of a distance, barely wanting to talk to me and not wanting to spend as much time with me. The only conclusion I've been able to arrive at is that something about me or my personality ticked her off on some level. Granted, I like to stay home and watch movies rather than go out partying. But last night I "thought" we had planned to go out to a movie, which coincidentally would have been our first "real" date, EVER. However she chose to go shopping with my sister and stayed gone too long for us to then make the drive to the cinema to see the movie.

Also rather than mention to me anything more about going out turkey hunting like she had mentioned earlier in the week. She never said more about it after that first time. I had told her I could take her out, that all I needed to do was pick up my tags. But her never mentioning more about it I didn't know what to do, I'm not a mind reader. So then she decided last night after not going to the movie that she would stay with my sister and brother-in-law and go hunting with him and one of our friends this morning.

I still have no clue how women think but I do however think they all hate me on a gut level and just enjoy seeing me suffer.

Update. 4/27.

We got things sorted out Friday evening. The miscommunication from earlier in the week for going hunting was the start of the whole deal. I was upset that she said nothing about going and then decided to go with my friends. No one had even thought to ask if perhaps I might wish to go along and it showed. She picked up on the fact I was upset and wanted to avoid me, thinking I was mad at her (that will never happen). But her avoiding me just made it worse. At least we got things sorted out Friday afternoon, then went to the Bar n Grill for dinner and drinks and had a great time.

But, I did tell her the one sure fire way to avoid this in the future. Something that has always worked before. Stop in front of me put her hands on my chest and ask me whats wrong. Granted this isn't something everyone can do when I'm upset. However, for the women in my life that mean the world to me, it's the fastest way to calm me down enough for me to talk. Why yes, I am a big brute but even I have a tender side. Even I have issues, I'm human, I get angry about simple things just as easy as I do the big things. But there are a few people out there that I love enough to do anything for. Even if I haven't seen them in over a decade. I'm going to miss her terribly after she leaves this evening.

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