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It really is a convenience store.

Noticed other bloggers discussing weird alcohol related laws. That got me to thinking about one of the package stores here in town.

Where this popular term, is absolutely true.

Lemme see, how long has it been since I said 'I love Missouri'.

Salute to Tam for that post, it was the inspiration.


Brigid said...

I lived in the Southern part of the state for over 10 years. Could never get used to going to the store and picking up a six pack and being told "sorry, not today".

Though if you were a regular the store owner might invite you back to his "house" and give you a beer or two from his own fridge to take home, as a neighborly thing.

JRebel said...

Well, growing up in this small town, I am rather used to the streets rolling up at dark and no alcohol sales after 1:30 AM, at least on Mon-Sat. But at least you can count that down here, one of your old aquaintances will have some alcohol somewhere, bet on it.

Tam said...

In Knoxville, TN, you can buy cold beer, smokes, a shotgun, and ammunition on Sunday at a Super Walmart. :)

JRebel said...

Yep, same here.