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Another Quick thought, and my first QOTD.

Larry Correia of MHI fame, hits one right off the F%&*@#G planet.

Meanwhile, a bunch of left wing hoodlums are burning stuff at the G-20, just like they do. Every. Single. Year. Why is it that the media is so deathly afraid of us right wingers being violent, though we hardly ever are, yet lefties and socialists shut down a city for a week every year and nobody notices because it’s so ho-hum. It’s probably because if a single local Tea-Party got into a mood we could overthrow a small country. My side doesn’t screw around. When we get violent, we go big or we go home. I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy.

"I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy."



Scott McCray said...

Outstanding! Larry does have a way with words...

Crucis said...

I'm a Correia fan. He does have a way for words even before he became a "published" writer.

One off-topic suggestion...

Blue text against a black background makes difficult reading. Contrast counts. More contrast is best.

commoncents said...


I just wanted to say I really like your blog. Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

JRebel said...

Scott: I thought the same thing.

Crucis: Yeah I had been wanting to do something about all the color balance issues some others mentioned but I couldn't duplicate the results they were telling me about, looked fine to me, so, new template that will hopefully blend a bit better.

Steve: Thank you, and welcome to the blogroll.

Crucis said...

You can change text color in the edit screen. Just choose something that will constrast to your background. I just like black text on white---like pages of a book.

JRebel said...

I just like the dark backgrounds with the red, light grey, blue text elements. Something different.