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Well, here it is.

I think I said I'd post some pix of the Franken1911, anyway here ya go.

Click to embiggenate.

Well like I said it won't win any beauty contests but it runs like a top. Not to mention being as simple as a '42 Jeep to repair. (Pretty sure a few of the parts are interchangeable too.

EDIT : 9:33 PM

Thought I'd list parts and tools to show estimated cost for the build.

RIA 1911A1 (bare bones GI) new - $512.00
Checkered Walnut grips - $20.00
Wilson Combat Competition Match Trigger - $17.00 (on sale)
LED Flashlight - $20.00
Dustcover mounted rail - $15.00
Wilson Combat Semi-drop in beaver-tail grip safety - $20.00
Novak GI cut rear combat sight - $22.00
Swenson Commander style hammer - $22.00
Colt Ambi safety - $20.00
Various tools - (honestly who doesn't have a few files and stuff)
Welding rod - $0.45 (front sight firmly attached as the low profile served as the starting point, hence the files mentioned above)

Total cost: about $647.00. At the time I started with the basic GI pistol a well set up 1911 was running about $800.00.

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