You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


Well that was simple.

   Took another go with the two Tapco mags I bought awhile back. Given my penchant for tinkering with things it was really only a matter of time till I found the problem and the solution. I started sanding the outer surface of the mag thinking that it was just too tight in the mag-well of the rifle. After a few cycles in and out with the mag body and not being able to get it to lock just right even with the bolt open. I started looking real close for where it was binding and noticed that the hole in the front of the mag wasn't lining up with the pin, except just enough to lock the mag in place. Thus causing the body at the point above the pin to bow inward. It is also the exact point, where with such close tolerances, the tip of the ammo was contacting the mag body and causing it to wedge itself in. Keeping said ammo from feeding upward enough to get picked up by the bolt. Five minutes with a drill and a file and I now have two flawlessly functioning mags. The crappy part is that now that I know what I need to do I can't get more without doing the backorder thing. Everyone I've checked is SOLD OUT. Guess I'll have to keep looking.

   However, after watching events unfold this weekend I kinda expected that. Buying frenzy anyone? Of course. Given that freedom hating, anti-American, douchenozzles from left field indoctrinated in "never let a tragedy go to waste" spouting off with "more 'gun control' we must punish innocent people for something they had no part of as it is the only proper path to salvation." And, they are being listened to... again.  All to be expected, I've seen this movie before. But. I guess we'll always have the moronic masses of asses that keep spouting about more "gun control" like it was such a success the last hundred thousand times it was tried. (Germany circa 1930's anyone?) These people wouldn't garner a second thought if it weren't for their ability to get mindless morons with delusions of adequacy to jump into jack-booted lockstep with them using tried (and found stupid) and tested rhetoric that the dumbasses that can't think for themselves keep believing. It keeps coming around, when it has been tried and failed, "try again only harder we might get a different result." We have a term for this, it's called insanity.

   You mono-synaptic wastes of flesh and oxygen. Ya'll couldn't get a damn clue if it danced up and smacked you between the eyes with a clue-hammer, forged in the fires of Mount Clue, from ore mined in the bottomless Pit of Clues that was hauled by a donkey called Clue and enchanted with +5 Clue-ing by the Dread Wizard of Clue. Worthless f*in' morons.

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