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Write, Call, Pester.

From Facebook to Blogger...again.
So, I've spent the last couple hours composing a letter to my US Senators and Rep calling attention to this bit of fluff from Dianne Feinstein and urging them to vote NO on any such bill that comes before them. Not like McCaskill will listen since she's buddy buddy with Feinstein. But, I urge each of you out there to compose letters of your own so that we may keep the pressure on our supposed leaders so that garbage like this never sees the light of day. The last time this crap happened it did nothing, it will do nothing this time since it specifically targets law-abiding citizens and does nothing to stop criminals. Just like every other gun control law that has ever been written. Their rational being - "When you can't disarm them legally, make them felons and disarm them by "due process".

Like I stated in my letter, any bill such as this isn't intended to stop criminals, only remove rights from law-abiding citizens.

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