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Gun Pr0n.

The one handgun that I have put several thousand rounds thru over the years starting when I was about 16.

Mom's revolver.

Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. .22 Special. 9-shot, double-action / single-action revolver.

Best I've been able to come up with is that this model was last produced in 1943, and this one was from around 1941-42. Shoots well but has a strong yet smooth double action, the single action is crisp and clean with no movement that I can feel. And lets face it, 9-shots of .22 LR, HV hollow point is more than most people want to buck, especially considering that Mom is a crack-shot.


Scott McCray said...

Sweet! A very nice piece of history.

We need to start a support group for bloggers with Moms that are crack shots! My mom just had cataract surgery done - I'm almost scared to see how much better she'll be after that.

JRebel said...

I was thinking more along the lines of getting an ammo manufacturer to do donations. :D

Scott McCray said...

That would work, too!