You'll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends...not crime. - Me


JReb's Rules for surviving Halloween.

1: AMMO - Lots and Lots of ammo.

2: If goblin/creature/whatever, took 20 rounds of 147gr 9mm JHP's and didn't even blink, then the old double barrel 12 gauge loaded with birdshot you brought along isn't going to help.

3: Use a weapon that has a history of making a mess. I recommend the M2 HB, cause .50 BMG rounds took apart Nazi and Japanese aircraft in WW2, they'll do wonders on Mr. Undead as well.

4: Never assume Mr. Undead is really dead, burn him after you tear him apart.

5: After burning, hammering the remaining bones into dust with a 10lb sledgehammer isn't really overkill, it's insurance and a damn good workout.

    5A: Overkill is a good thing.

6: After finishing off previous task, don't worry about washing up because he does have friends.

7: When in a group, never be the first one through the door. That said, never be the last either.

8: If you are alone, don't just walk through the house like a dork, use your environment. Lead with a piece of wood, better splinters in your hand than losing the hand altogether.

9: Whenever it is prudent, RUN and don't look back because the murderous-flying-zombie-vampire-werewolves ARE gaining on you.

10: Get to a location that is solid and defensible from all angles, and if you are unsure about a location. IT IS VULNERABLE.

11: AMMO - Lots and Lots of ammo.

Keep these 11 rules in mind and you too will survive Halloween. Special thanks to Labrat, Stingray, Popehat, and OldNFO.


cybrus said...

As an addendum to #4, I always keep Bruce Campbell's quip in mind:

"It's a trick. Get an axe."

JRebel said...

Yeah, I remember that one too. Hence the 10lb sledgehammer in Rule #5. Both work, but blunt objects just say Die! Demon! Die! with more vigor IMHO.

rjoiner said...

10a. If you think it's solid, think again. Remember, even space marines forget to check under the floor.

JRebel said...

Another good tip, thanks RJ.